J-8F need PL-8B

J8F need PL8B,the missile have IRCCM, i think J8F should get PL8B and go to 12.7


I think whether up to 12.7 or not still needs discussion, according some jets carrying 4 fox3 and IRCCM missiles also are 12.3.
But PL8B is necessary, J8F is the only one without IRCCM missiles in this tier probably. The experience is even harder when match 13.0. Besides, it’s a simply work just like Aim9L/i.


only the Harriers, which are subsonic. The J-8F would fit in with the 12.7 F-4F ICE and Tornado ADV

Never mind, thought F4 ICE 12.3.
12.7 will be fine with PL8B, though the biggest question is when can we receive it.

In fact, there is not much difference between 12.3 or 12.7 for the J8F, as this aircraft often enters battles of 13.0 and rarely enters battles of the same level



For now the stock grind is a torture, i wish gaijin made some changes regarding the j8F.
Is there a report on the missing PL-8B ?

Either A or B, both have FoV gating but the B is better. Whichever is closer to the Magic 2/R-73.

rly? I think PL8B is more like Aim9M in the IRCCM.

Well the stock PL5B vs AIM9L is also disadvantageous. Air frame wise J8F suffers more than F4 and Tornado sucks a bit right now.

nah, the airframe is still better than those. the real issue is the missing irccm capable missile.

Pl-8B uses same seeker as TY-90 and Pl-9C. Seeker was developed during for the Pl-9C and was then applied to the other missiles. The IRCCM is multi-element + DSP algorithm, most nerfed performance is that of a 9M and best case performance is akin to a Stinger (virtually unflarable). Since this is China, we all know Gaijin will give it worse than 9M performance.

As a side note, I’m fairly confident the way Gaijin models IRCCM is a load of horse. None of the books I’ve read on missile IRCCM ever mention FoV shrinking. Nor do I see in the mirror assemblies optically a means to do so, nor a benefit to doing so. IRCCM started with having the scan offset, so imagine the circular scan is around the edges and the target is supposed to be at the edge of each scan (so actually in center axis of the missile), then progressed to multi-element to limit how often it is actually scanning (less scans == less chance to pick up flare), then DSP with seeker shutoff as the earliest and more advanced forms can record and look at what the returns are and make determinations on when an extra peak is detected (flare) and filter it out, then dual-band/multi-band elements making flares worthless and requiring specific countermeasures that match the planes output to be able to counter, and now onto IR Imaging that records the pixels the target takes up so that countermeasures pretty much can never match the pixel shape and thus not decoyed (DIRCM works against these though).

I think the PL8Bs IRCCM is more like TY90,and ganjin can do this,so that they will save time,after they are so lazy

yes,but the advantage of the 6xAim120 is still much greater than 2xPL12

in fact, the there were report of the missing PL8B half a year ago, and its adopted just like the PL5E2 adopted some time ago

j8f is worse now than it was. Its now just .3 br from the su27 which is miles more capable, and is vaccumed into 13.0 most of the time, where you get utterly decimated by f15c’s throwing up to 8 amraams at you with best in class flight performance. Your main weapon is still the aim9L with more thrust and pull. Another small thing, but j8f’s engines have some of the worst throttle response, it takes like 6-7 seconds to go from idle to mil power