J-7E Not Competitive At It's BR

The J-7E can NOT compete against it’s contemporary aircraft at it’s br, especially in up-tiers, 11.3+ seems to be the general area of all-aspect IR’s, and the J-7E was equipped with the PL-8 around 1 year after it entered service so I’m confused on why it DOESN’T get all-aspect missiles when its just a MiG-21 with good RWR and better energy retention? I don’t see how it would upset the balance as AIM-9Ls and AIM-7F/Ms are just widespread every time you get a full up tier, and I haven’t even gotten the chance to spade this great aircraft. If it was 11.3 and got it’s historical missiles then there would be literally no complaints from me at all, it holds speed in turns far better than the J-7D, has good RWR, maneuverability, good gun, it’s just being purposely handicapped by Gaijin, Like does Chinese air just not get competitive until 12.0+??

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