J-7D on the same rating with the mig-21 lazur-m is a joke, the j-7d has so bad rockets that cant even front lock and i get upranked to a f-16 with aim-7m sparrow


Ok, do you think it is fair for this jet to be at 10.7 and be the same BR as jets without missiles anywhere near as good?


Yeah they don’t have all-aspect lock. They’re also way better in the rear aspect than the R-60M and R-60MK will ever be.

yes; its flight performance is right in-between the mig21mf and smt. And its got 4 rear aspects which are good, but in my opinion it doesn’t warrant its atrociously high br rating. It would be better for it to rarely face the like 1 or 2 9.7s that exist in warthunder than for it to constantly fight f16s mig29s etc which it does often. (honestly there’s pretty much no 9.7s)


It’s not just an issue that it would face 9.7s, the issue is it would just be better than most 10.7s…

What like the f5e? That thing obliterates the j7d. f4ej has an arsenal of sarh missiles. It wouldnt be better than everything else, pl5s arent that good. Especially after the drag change


Hence why I said most, F-5E is also overperforming heavily right now

The actual MiG-21MF is 10.3 with base R-60s and you’re proposing the J-7D which is that but with either PL-5Bs (Very good missiles) or magic 1s (Very good missiles) to be 10.7. I mean compare to the F-4F which has 4x 9Js that people also consider to be one of the best 10.7s

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its a mig21mf with better missiles, but not that much better as to warrant a br equivalent to the bis, j7e, j8b etc which regularly fight 12.0s. Hence 10.7.

It’s just compressed. You need to be advocating for decompression rather than hoping your jet becomes undertiered. Like I said, it would just be plain better than most 10.7s

I disagree, you think the j7d is better. I think its pretty mediocre. Its obviously significantly worse than other 11.0s in flight performance. I think 10.7 is the right br for it, and not untiered at all. I would not agree that its better than most 10.7s.


What is better at 10.7 and why?

Id consider the ajs37 (4aim9L) and f5e to be better than j7d.


Yeah, I’d agree. Anything else?

Yes, ive noticed you’ve never used the pl5 or j7d for that matter

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That matters why?

The missile load is obviously the point of contention. It might be good to have experience with the said missile before basing an opinion.

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In all seriousness it will likely stay at 11.0, which oh well I guess lol

You don’t think I’m able to figure out how good something is with 7 years of experience, youtube to watch people use said missile, and a spreadsheet that tells me the stats down to the decimal points for every missile in game? Then you don’t have the capability to say the J-7D is bad when you’ve only played one tech tree to 11.0. See how fun that is?

I dont think you’re able to figure it out

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Then you don’t have the capability to say the J-7D is bad when you’ve only played one tech tree to 11.0. See how fun that is?

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