J-7D The worst top primium jet in the game ( pay 2 suffer)

J-7D should not be on BR 11.0 but on BR 10.7… and the problem is precisely in your load.
a 10.3 jet carrying 10.7 missiles should never be in BR 11.
Either this plane has a BR readjustment or it should receive better missiles like pl-5E or pl-5C.
But the way this plane is now, it’s a complete waste of money.
This plane isn’t even good as a bomber, a complete waste.
Not to mention when you fall in an up-tier match…
There is no worse experience for 70 dollars than playing j-7D against f16, mig29, yak 141 and mirage 2000.


It’s a 10.3 jet with 11.0 missiles, what did you expect?

I would be happy if they removed the PL5bs and dropped it down to 10.7.


my friend, i would like to introduce you to the Mig lazur M

Explain? Similar problem or much better than china cracker?

similar problem, a 10.3 aircraft carrying r60m missles , in the first place the J-7D is another mig 21. Arguably the J-7D manovers better then the lazur m/bis sau. the advantages are all aspect and 6 total missles, but with most of top tiers shooting from right behind is still the most reliable

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J7D is perfect plane in but just one mig29smt with magic1. And the br system is not exsist. We always get +1.0br…

at least it carries 6 missiles, the J-D7 only carries 4

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Lazur M is not a 10.3 plane.

İts basically a Mig21Bis you can find on both Russian and German tech tree, hence it doesnt deserve anything lower then 11.0.

Problem with J7D is that it doesn’t perform well in uptiers, its decent in 11.0 matches (rare), but it would be to good for 10.7

Introducing F104S TAF


All migs share the same model

Except Mig21Bis has much better engine and flight performance.

Your Logic doesnt make sense.

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Doesnt change that the plan itself has a 10.3 flight model with the same limitations, the J-7D is a Mig 21 as well you genius with upgraded engines just like the bis

İt doesnt have 10.3 flight model, it has much better flight performance.

İt accelerates better, hold speeds better,climbs better also does zoom climb better.

Mig21MF is nothing against a Mig21Bis.

Thats why original Mig21Bis was sitting at 11.0 without R60M for a long time.

Yes, but the J-7D is not an MF anymore either, it got upgraded with new engines as well and with magicks in performs better rear aspect then the r13m1s

We’re not talking about J7D we’re talking about your Mig21Bis claim.

in that case the J7D is not based on a 10.3 vehicle either because it is a completly upgraded mig 21 on par and very similar to the bis sau

Never said it was 10.3 vehicle in the first place.

Other people claimed that its a 10.3 vehicle with 11.0 missiles.

so what you are saying is that everything you said was completly pointless and unnecesary, because i compared the j7d to the lazur m and that they are similar is completly true and i in the first place took the 10.3 only as an example out of their statement Because they both are migs. Seriously when you dont anything productive to say just leave it jesus

You said Lazur-M is a 10.3 vehicle with 11.0 missiles which is not true.

Lazur-M is a Mig21Bis and it shouldnt be lower then 11.0.