J-7D - PL8 Addition

From my use of the J-7D most of the time it is fighting 11.7-12.0 which means the PL-5B and PL-7 can be quite lack luster in most engagements and the Mig-21 Lazur-M at the same BR has 6 R-60Mks which offer all aspect 30G capabilities which makes it a better option to use.

So with this, I would like to see the PL-8 added to the J-7D with a slight BR increase if need be to 11.3.

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No thanks.

4x PL-8(Python 3) basically means J-7D will move up to higher BR even more.

I would like to see it move down to 10.7BR without PL-8s.


Well that is an option the reason I started this forum was to get people talking about it as it seems no one really cares about the plane and the BR it is at.

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If anything it should be the J-7E and J-8B that receives PL-8s. The last jet I would think of would be J-7D. It’s fine. It’s supposed to be an awesome premium at 10.7, but time will tell.

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Historically as per the images, the J-7D was intended to have PL-8s and even PL-9s but for the game’s sake it would be much better to down-tier the jet in future battle rating changes due to its flight performance.

Yeees but what you don’t know is that the jet has the flight model of the MiG-21MF, or rather, similar to that one.
And the big difference that people don’t mention when “hurr durr gimme PL8” is that in order to mount them, additional weight is supposed to be added to the front if the aircraft, technically making it fly even worse.
Yea, they could put it to 10.7, but only when the BRs get decompressed a little more, PL8 should be out of the question if you care about that little flight performance you still got.

Actually PL-2 could be replaced by PL-8 because PL-2 bad infrared homing short-range Air-to-Air Missile for fighter aircraft 11.0, and J-7D might increase to 11.3

Either downtier to 10.7 (with possible removal of PL-7/Magic) or wait for top tiers to go to 12.3
Right now, it’s very rare to actually get a true 11.0 battle (let alone a downtier) but I’m not saying it’s impossible but it’s very close. Most of time you end up fighting the top tiers and this is where the drawback of its performance is visible.
At least 21bis Lazur has performance but with J-7D you have to babysit the engine to prevent it from overheating

IMO, giving it Pythons would just make matters worse and make already dire situation for this plane even worse. As I said above, either downtier it to 10.7 and remove PL-7s (Magics) or wait for top tier to move to 12.3.
Just my two cents

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Some of J7D got PL8, but the others didn’t have that before the 1990s, so it is ok. By the way, J7D doesn’t need PL8 in the game, it is just a mig21mf. maybe J7E needs PL8, but J7D? NO.


I agree J7D needs to be lowered to 10.7. I dont think PL-5B’s at that BR would be considered OP, and with the J7Ds bad flight model, it can still be countered by pilots who fly accordingly. At 11.0, it is nearly impossible to do anything in an uptier, as every higher tier jet has a better flight model, better missiles (radar missiles), and way more flares.

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j7d is very much overtiered. After the drag update and heavy nerf to countermeasure resistance for ir missiles, pl5b no longer warrants a 11.0 br on a mig21mf airframe. its the only 11.0 premium without all aspects and shouldnt be 11.0 in the first place. Imagine playing a mig21mf at 12.0 with only 4 rear aspect ir missiles… thats j7d.


The J-7D has a similar FM to the MiG-21MF which is already a very good FM. The PL-5B’s are already the best rear aspect IR missiles ingame by a longshot. Hell, the MiG-21MF is undertiered at 10.3 and it has worse missiles. Its absolutely insane that players think the J-7E needs PL-8’s or that the J-7D need a downtier

Edit: and yes, PL-5B’s are better than R-60M’s


The J-7D Airframe is fine as I stated before I could always maneuver my self behind even F-16s, F-14s and Mig-29s but found the lack luster of weaponry to be the killing blow as the flare changes reduced the killing potential of missiles to essentially 0 especially if you get up tired and vsing people who can dump 300 flares per second.

Which is why I proposed PL-8s as per documentation but it may not matter if the developers expand the BR Cap for Aviation and push the main contenders further up.

Of the 2 missiles it gets the Magic 1 is probably the worse of them, if it’s a down tier you want it would be better to remove the PL-5 honestly, that would also make it stand out a bit more from the rest of the Chinese tech tree

magic 1 is definitely the worse missile from my experience. I dont see a problem with a 10.7 mig with magics. Sounds pretty fun tbh.


Honestly from my experience with the J-7D it’s completely fine at 11.0, and top tier increasing to 12.3 it would basically guarantee down tiers from now on. Missile wise the J-7D is given the excellent PL-5B which loves to ignore flares from certain aspects and the crazy acceleration is just joyful.

Instead of recommending PL-8s (Python 3s) it would be a better idea to give it PL-5Es which are the all aspect PL-5Bs. It wouldn’t be better than the PL-8 in some ways but would make the vehicle competitive. Either way I believe this vehicles needs no upgrade besides the addition of IFF.

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Yes I did some further research and found the PL-5Es would be a much better addition as htey would be closer to the R-60Ms or AIM-9Ls


Id actually rather have pl5e than pl8. The flight profile of pl5 is just so perfect in warthunder.

i think that its a bit unfair that the Lazur-M is 11.0 with 6 all aspect missiles, good amount of CMs and more powefull engine, acceleration and speed compared with the J7D the Lazur-M is better in most aspects, the J7D could carry PL-8s yes!!! and i think that is a good idea to give the PL-8 and increasing his BR to 11.3 is like the Kfir C7, the Kfir have 4 Python-3 in 11.3, the J7D deserves better missiles, but this is not the only option, some sources claims that the J7D could carry the PL-5C and E which they are All aspect IR missiles soo, i think that is a good option to give the J7D the PL-5C which is right now in the JH7A, to make this pemium jet more viable and competitive in 11.0

and another thing here is that the J7D is suposed to have the same RWR that the J7E have right now soo this situation deserved a report.

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