J-7D and J-8B - PL-5E Additions

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I have come to propose a conjecture for the above two planes while I would love the J-7E to get these I feel like having it at 10.7 or 11.0 atleast balances the tree out.

This is based on J-7D - PL8 Addition a previous post.

I believe it is in the best interest of the developers to buff the two planes discussed and have the PL-5E series of missiles added to these planes they would have performance between the R-60Ms and AIM-9Ls and would give China a decent premium and make it a viable tree to research.


I’d love to see the J-7E specifically get the PL-5E in combination with a HMD. Heck I wouldn’t mind it going to 11.3 if that’s the case it would still be fun slinging PL-5Es off bore at MiG-29s.

For the case of the J-7D and J-8B both should remain how they are currently, seeing a premium outperform or match the tech tree variant vehicle leaves a bad taste in my mouth and the J-8B already has the Aspide.

β€œIn 1987, the J-7E was released, having a greatly improved wing, among other improvements. It was roughly 45% more manoeuvrable, and its take-off and landing performance was greatly increased. It was also equipped with a helmet mounted sight, as well as being the first MiG-21 variant to be equipped with HOTAS and a multipurpose display”

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Regarding the J-7E I understand the situation regarding it but if the fact the J-7D has similar performance leaves a bad taste because it matches performance there are many aircraft premiums alike that have the same performance as a tech tree comparison some I can name would be the F-4S - F-4J and the Mirage F1C and F1C 2000 and I don’t think we should be penalizing one plane just because you do not want it to match or outperform a tech tree one.

The J-7D should at least be given PL-5Es if they are not going to give it at least simple all aspects then it needs to go down to 10.7 it can not directly compete with other 11.0 planes nor anything higher without you breaking your balls to try and break even and even make anything decent research-wise.

The J-7D is a fine as a premium I managed to get 11.0 in China under 8 days you just gotta play it safe.

Hell no.
J-7E can gets better missiles but, J-7D has russian MiG-21 airframes so, it would be unplayable if it gets better missiles and moved up to 11.3BR.

@TPS_Hydra @WheelchairGamer

I understand the frustration but using your own experience which can be biased thanks to a varying amount of conditions I find the J-7Ds experience to be a either be really fucking shit or alright depending at the BRs its at.

Also, the J-7D air frame is fine the issue is the engine, not the air frame I have used this thing against F-16s and Mig-29s and it operates fine the problem is the fact that everyone you verse has All Aspect missiles in some capacity which means they are not trying to maneuver around you to get in your behind and so with this, my point still stands and the same feeling across a lot of the community the J-7D should get All Aspects.

I will rewrite what I said before the J-7D needs some form of change Gaijin has a few options I am only making noise as I dont want China for example to be left in the dust while other nations get huge buffs to their Air Line ups.

The J-7D need one of the three to happen.

Each Options proposes a different solution.

  1. Down Tier to 10.7
  2. Uptier to 11.3 with removal of all missiles and adding the PL-5E
  3. Some form of decompression for higher BRs so even in an uptier the J-7D can remain somewhat competitive.

I got a idea gaijin consider PL-5C or PL-5E replace PL-2 and up to 11.3 it’s enough because PL-2 bad short-range Air-to-Air Missile and outdate for aircraft 11.0-11.3

For Shenyang J-8B, I hope gaijin might consider add PL-8 as a 2nd IR short-range AAM

I think j8b and j7e are both perfectly fine with their current weapon loads, especially j7e which constantly gets downtiers into 10.3 where its effectively a ufo. But I dont think it would hurt anything to give at least the j7e pl5e and up it to 11.3.

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Pl5e for j7d should be fine imo. But for some reason I do quite well in it, youd think a mig21mf with slightly more thrust might be terrible at 11.0 but something about the j7d just works. It also seems to pull harder than any other mig21 in game.

J7E can obtain PL5E, but it should not go to 11.3. PL5E is only an omnidirectional version of PL5B, and the current PL5B anti-interference in the game is very poor. If J7E wants to go to 11.3, he must obtain at least PL5EII or PL8A. (The PL8 in the game is PL8A, while the PL5EII is a PL5 with PL8B’s guidance head, which has excellent anti-interference performance)


True and sometimes I do feel little limited by the missile arsenal of the J-7D but the platform is agile at least. My main concern is now the J-8B since I just unlocked it and know how it feels.

One of the worst jets I’ve ever played (coming from a British main) and really think this is not worth even playing in general. This vehicle is easily outmatched by other 11.0 and 11.3 vehicles like the F-4E.

Fun fact the F-4E actually beats the J-8B in ALL aspects including missiles, radar, flight performance and ground attack. But yeah they are clearly equivalent since they both sit at 11.0, what a joke.

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From further playing the J-7E is not any better then the J-7D the J-7E bleeds speed in turns way to quickly and with the new missile changes the PL-5B has been nerfed into the the ground a AIM-9E performs better in seeking then the PL-5B and with the J-8Bs bonus only the Aspide-1As China desperately needs loadout changes for the following.

J-7E, J-8B and J-7D these three planes need huge consideration

To add on to this every other 11.0 can bring radar missiles with semi-decent rear aspect missiles with the exception being the Mig-21 Lazur M which can bring 6 All aspect missiles.

J-7E - Needs PL-5Es with HMD Tracking even with a minor up tier to 11.3 would make it competitive

J-7D can either have PL-5Es or down tier to 10.7

J-8B Should get Two PL-5Es on the other pylons not used by aspide as you will be using radar missiles and balances it out

I hate the entire Chinese tree now you go through the whole copy and paste and the moment we get to a home grown fighter there all useless.

J-7D - J-7E and J-9B are completely terrible they are the worst planes I have used I fucking prefer the French tree atleast I can dog fight people at appropioate BRS.

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I don’t have J-7D but J-7E and J-8B are both very very good for me rn

J7D is the worst plane I’ve ever flown in this game, and before I started going to China I took all the planes from France, so I’m already used to bad planes… but j7d e too much for me
pay to suffer

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