J-11A in DEV indeed is J-11A MLU

At first.J-11A,or you can call J-11A early/J-11A Block 00, is just Chinese use their metiariels to build a J-11(Which is basically Su27,insides words are still russian),so it is almost same as J-11/Su27.It cant fire R-77.since it doesnt owns guide Ability like TWS on radar.still NO01.

Secondly,After entering 21th Century,Chinese army think old J-11A is kinda useless in middle range fight.So so called “Mid time Upgraded Project” started.This project is for making J-11 can fire R-77 missiles (While J-11B is improved for firing PL-12).Chinese go to some former USSR country,some people say it is Berluas let us see SU27UBM1.Learnt some thing ,and chinese go back to improve J-11A s old radar,add Signal/Data Processing System on old NO01 radar,which finally can guide R-77 missiles,and not just this,it also adds Multi target attack capability and ground attack capability.This batch of J-11A fighter jets has also been equipped with some onboard equipment and multifunctional color displays used on J-11B fighter jets. And the biggest change in appearance of the aircraft is the addition of four Missile Approach Sensors (MWS) on both sides of the vertical tail of the front fuselage. “This is a type of ultraviolet sensor, with two on the front body for the front hemisphere and two on the vertical tail for the rear hemisphere, forming a 360 degree spherical coverage.”(Picture 7 8 9) “In addition to sensor upgrades, the cockpit of the J-11 should also have been upgraded with the addition of a multifunctional display.”

In a word.J-11A early is just Chineselized Su27 ,cant fire R-77,only until J-11A MLU can fire R-77,with improved NO01 radar,and better RWR,and 4 MWS on its body.(I know you already denied some bug reports about these 3 things,but it is real improvements)(Picutre 2)
And the very easy way to difference J-11A early and J-11A MLU,is J-11A MLU owns 2 new and unique RWRs outside its seats 2 sides.And 4 MWS on 2 sides.(Picture 3 5)

And only a troop in South China called “南霸天师” J-11A MLU add Chinese Flags on its seats 2 sides,they are hornor troops which first got upgraded J-11A MLU,and it is a very unique symbol compared with other chinese J-11A or normal J-11A MLU.(Picture 1 3 4 6 8).This type J-11 MLU is direcrtly improved from J-11A early,so may kinda different from later J-11A MLU on MWS places or other little things places.


And about J-11 family there is already a huge discuss on forum:

All pictures are shot by PLA offcial websites or CCTV-7 PLA news.
Gaijin,fix this bug,only J-11A MLU of 南霸天 Troop can fire R77 with improved RWR、4MWS and an extra big screen inside and China Flag on seats 2 sides.
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With how it’s setup in game, it’s possible Gaijin gave it the wrong visual model.

gaijin again NOT A BUG my issue.they ask me to give books sources.Where can i get PLA troops name lists which are indeed secret datas.lol.No more need to say they just finish the model in dev,and still deny it is MWS

Im ok with J-11A but im just really disappointed it was not J-11B.
Also F-15C and Su-27SM i also wanted but for japan why F-15 kai(again, im ok with it) but not Mitsubish F-2?

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“China copies”-gaijin.That is all.
In gaijin mind,Chinese is only good at copying russian and usa good things,so they wont give any unique good chinese things,even they do,they will definitely nerfed it a lot,like ZTZ99A VT4A1 JH7A.And now even give chinese copies from russian /usa will get nerfed too.They need much more datas/books on Chinese issues,even we give a lot of reality pictures,they still denied it,and meanwhile they easily passed a lot of russian /germany issues even with just a picture no books…

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I was saying that only original JH7 should be using stuff even similar to KH29/KH25, the JH7A should be much more advanced.

Is it possible for China to have gotten some technology from the SU30 MKK which should be a direct development from the early SU35. The radar for the SU30 MKK should be basically identical to SU35 early as developed by KnAAPO.