J-11A Dev Thread

With the current state of the J-11A in the developer server it seems kind of disappointing, zero CAS ordinances comparable to the SU-27SM and a general copy and paste air weapons loadout to the SU-27SM making it straight up inferior.

The US just got a pretty advanced aircraft that being the F-15C and if that’s the case China should also be applicable to receive the J-11B with a limited arsenal in some areas.

It would be understandable not to consider the addition of the J-11GHB but the direct competitor of the F-15C for China wouldn’t be the J-11A but the J-11B.

Another loophole through this would simply be giving the J-11A the ability to carry both the KAB-500Kr and the Kh-29TE to make it somewhat comparable to the SU-27SM.




If you have solid information source for these you can just create the issue for it. I tried but I have not been able to find anything solid that indicated upgraded J-11A is able to use those ordinances.

Should’ve added the J-10 instead tbh


I disagree with the suggestion of the J-11B. The B utilized a number of much mroe advanced missiles, including PL-9C, PL-10, and PL-12 which would mean it would be too strong unless it was missing most of its armaments. The J-11A meanwhile is pretty much an exact copy of the Su-27SM and balanced with it. Both are air superiority fighters at much higher BR than any tanks, so the CAS ordinance isn’t particularly significant in balancing.


Like in the post I suggested the withdrawal of some of its A2A missiles like the PL-10. If it was given the PL-12 and PL-8B it would be perfectly fine and we shouldn’t forget that France is getting the MICA-EM this update.

The J-11A meanwhile is pretty much an exact copy of the Su-27SM

So far in-game it isn’t, it lacks any form of smart munition unlike the SU-27SM, players wouldn’t be happy grinding a entire new J-11 for 1 different form of missile which isn’t unique to the nation.

The only actual different ordinance wise compared to the J-11 including bombs and rockets is actually just and I mean JUST the R-77 lmao, talk about copy and paste.


i mean its sad that it doesnt get anything smart for antiground, but jh 7a is still quite good for that job, also i dont know how good the zoom of the su is with that stuff, if its terible, it wouldnt really matter than anyway?

I think plain J-11B cannot use PL-10 only PL-8B. The new J-11BG with AESA radar can use PL-10.


i’ll be honest, what’s the difference between the two? according to wikipedia in spanish (i know, great source) the J-11A it’s an improved J-11, and the J-11B is the J-11 but made by china

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This thread has everything you want to know about Chinese Flankers:
Shenyang J-11, J-16, J-15, History, Performance & Discussion - Machinery of War Discussion / Aircraft - War Thunder — official forum


i apreciate it, thank you

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The J-11 is a licensed SU-27SK and the J-11A is a mostly indigenous aircraft basically.

The one we have in-game is the J-11 and the J-11A MLU in the developer server.

J11A only use N001 and SPO15… without Kh29 and Kab500, how it in same Br as Su27SM?


I feel like the J-11B with Pl-12 and Pl-8 would be more appropriate than what is in the dev right now.

Currently the J-11A lacks any upgrade over the base J-11 and SU-27, which from a game balance perspective makes no sense to have it at the same BR as the upgraded SU-27SM. Furthermore, lacking a good RWR at 13.0 is almost unworkable especially with the Fox 3 environment it’s in.

From a subjective point of view, the J-11A fails to enrich the variety present in game or bring any uniqueness to the table. The J-11B would allow the Chinese Flanker to become a unique variant with different missile loadout compared to the Russian counterpart, and be well suited to the game with a comparable radar upgrade as well as up to spec RWR for the BR.


If Gaijin fixes all all issues of J-11A MLU, it would still be an interesting aircraft on the same level as Su-27SM at least in air combat role. For J-11B to come out, Gaijin needs to give China new top tier missiles like PL-8B first, otherwise the J-11B has a high possibility of being only a sidegrade of J-11A.


I agree, PL-8B would the ideal missile to add with a J-11B addition. It wouldn’t be OP since IRCCM is common at top tier now and it lacks thrust vectoring but the good acceleration and top speed will still make it interesting.

The PL-8/Python 3 is one of my favorite missiles at the moment, even though it’s not as meta as say the R73 or 9M. It’s just so speedy and somehow very satisfying to use


Yeah, what we are getting so far is absolutely mediocre and extremely disappointing but everything is subject to change ig.

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Much more simple to copy and paste, lazy people.

J-11A MLU is missing MAWS functionality even though they modelled them on. These new sensors suggest either a MAWS system or a new RWR or both but chances are Gaijin will refuse to model either because as it turns out a Chinese J-11A upgrade from 2015 doesn’t really have documentation.



Can’t really bug report anything about this aircraft due to there being literally no documentation or information about it other than educated guesses and speculation on online forums. The J-11B is much more well documented but we had to get one of the most niche flanker variants ever fielded with literally 0 info to base anything off of. I hope this plane is fixed but I also know it 99% won’t be because as far as Gaijin is concerned there’s nothing to fix.

All we can do is hope and the J-8F should at least be getting a upgrade with the PL-12 and MAWS.