Iveco/IDV Anaconda

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The IDV Anaconda is an Italian prototype light tactical vehicle aimed for export based on the Iveco Daily 4x4 chassis, developed for the Netherlands by IDV for use in the Kingdom’s Caribbean territories. The units provide support in the fight against criminal activities, like the illegal drug trade, and provide emergency relief during natural disasters and the like. Due to the relative stability of the area, actual military defense is less emphasized. The IDV Anaconda is intended to replace the old Mercedes-Benz G280 and they were delivered in the Caribbean by April 2019. However in 2022 the SOF version for the Special Forces (both Dutch and Italian, in the future) was revealed at Eurosatory 2022 in a fully open configuration, although a partially closed and fully closed variant is available. Notably, the SOF includes 2 roof ring mounts: the first one, slightly behind the driver and front passenger in a central position can accomodate a 12.7mm (50cal) machine gun or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher, the second ring mount is meant for a variety of weapon systems, among which the SPIKE ATGM anti-armor system, along with space in the vehicle for additional ATGMs, improving the ability for self-defence. The cabin has space for 4 crew, along with a gunner position and door gunners with mountings for FN Minimis The Anaconda can be fitted with a variety of engines and transmissions, like the 3L F1C, producing 180hp (132 kW) and 430Nm, coupled with a FZ/Iveco 8-speed fully automatic transmission. The max speed is governed at 89km/h on road, but higher speeds can be achieved.


M2HB 50cal machine gun (Central ring mount)
40mm automatic grenade launcher (Central ring mount)
FN Minimi (M249) (One per side)


Why it should be in game

The Iveco Anaconda should be in the game to bolster the Italian top tier ATGM carrier lineup. Some may argue about it’s validity in-game, but with its high mobility it has a great potential to become a very powerful vehicle, especially with its F&F SPIKE ATGM system.


Anaconda with M2HB and SPIKE launcher.




+1 yes for italian tech tree