I've spaded every Italian plane in the game. AMA?

No but seriously why did I do this anyway

Ask me anything regarding the Italian air tech tree and I will be able to assist.


Which plane was the worst one you have used so far?

I can’t say for sure which is the absolute worst but I can say a few that would qualify for the final round:

F-84F (This thing is awful, and that opinion was formed BEFORE they downtiered every mig and F-86 to be lower BR than this or the same BR.)

The P.108 bombers were a short grind, being only rank 3, but they were very bad. At least with the SM79s you were pretty fast for the BR but with these late Italian bombers? You’re still just as combustible but you lack the speed the earlier ones had and your firepower has legitimately barely improved since the 1.7-2.3s.

I did not do badly in the G.56 or Re2005 but they were not very fun to play. Most games basically came down to a 1/2v5 or more and the G.56 and Re2005 are quite overtiered to say the least. What are you going to do about a P-51H engaging you? Not much you can exploit. They basically lived and died on how competent the average USA pilot at the BR was but luckily that’s a decent gamble on most days lol.

Only thing else is an honorable mention to the F-104S.ASA and the MiG-23MF both forcing me to go to sim (and finding out I really like sim anyway) because both were not fun in air RB. Less so the F-104. This was PRE nerf for the 23 as well and I formed that opinion.

Maybe you blocked it out of your memory (I’m trying to), but what about the P.108A (the “strike” version of the bomber)?

Nice man!! thats dedication right there.

Do you prefer props , early jet, late jet?

Thoughts on the super sexy Italian styling of the Sagittario 2?

Alternatively, best looking Italian plane?

Oh my god I forgot yeah no that was the worst one, then F-84F, then the rest


I prefer props and early-mid jets rather than late jets. For Italy their late top tiers were very competitive and would be fun for anybody invested heavily into that era though.

Aesthetically it really is very nice looking. I wish I could say the same about the compression it faces and exerts onto others though.

How is the MiG-29? I want to try one and it seems like the easiest one to get.

It’s very good at 12.0 in my opinion.

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Why did you do this was this like irony that went too far

I have no idea, I guess I thought italian planes/tanks were cool in ww2


Were the prop planes worth it?

Low tier ones yeah, after 3.7 or so you’re mostly, with a few exceptions, just playing overtiered props unfortunately

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I’ve only spaded those I love.
AMX, Sagittario 2, G91Y is in progress, F-86K, and all the unique props.
Did you enjoy all of them as much as I do?

Completely strange question: How was the FC20 for you?good,bad,okay?

Aesthetically is fine as hell,at least for me

Funny but not good, bad even.

Wallahi i am definitely cooked then

why does the Re2005 get so much hate… That thing is so fun (or at least it was before it got moved up to 6.0)