I've spaded every Italian plane in the game. AMA?

Overtiered greatly


I’ve been wanting to grind Italy for months now, but the only planes I have there are the premium 109’s, can you recommend me some/a good Italian prop plane?

I don’t have enough details of what you’re asking for, premium? Tech tree? rank?

Atleast Rank 5 and below, premium or not.

I think almost all of the rank1-2 props are fun, but at rank 3/4 I highly recommend the C205 variants, the G.55 variants, and the Yak-9P, Tu-2S aren’t bad either

Cause its slow af,overheats a lot and doesnt really climb compared to its opponents.

i honestly dont remember having any engine issues

2001,2002 definitely overheats even at 100% and not WEP,2005 does too i think.

Havent played the 2001 and 2002 but the 2005 doesn’t overheat too badly. It might overheat after 5 minutes on WEP but you can just get off it and it cools down quick

Reggiane are pretty good in ground battles imo, Re.2001CB and Re.2005 are probably my favorite CAS to use.

Ok but have you spaded every Italian plane?


hah… nice.
I think even Gaijin has forgotten about them as the C 200 / 202 line is still Rank 1 in German tree (but rank 2 in Italy).

(I even have 4 talismans over that set of planes – all random awards).

Occasionally I take one out for “good-ol-times”.

P.108s have the maneuverability of a brick.

It’s missing 2 Sparvieri though, serie 4 and bis/N, they were hidden before the standalone addition of the Italian TT. I have serie 4, but not bis(

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