I've playing on War thunder mobile but I didn't recieve my prizes

I participate to war thunder mobile event and play with my gaijin account, I won more than 5 games, I was 1st of my team more than 4 games and played more than 10 games but I didn’t recieve any prizes on my War Thunder account. Somebody have the same problem ? What is the fix ?

did you link your gaijin account?

I use directly my gaijin account like they said on the news, I’ve entered the same email adresses and password than my account on PC. “War Thunder players can log into War Thunder Mobile with their Gaijin accounts.”

yeah that is wierd. I dont know what has gone wrong then, sry

Have you done these task or not ? I will try to contact the support

I have completed all the tasks and rescieved them all

do you know how to see the stats of number of games, victory etc on the mobile version ? I don’t find them

No, but i could see my progression on the tasks of the promo, same placed where i collected the rewards for completion of said tasks.

Yeah like me, I claim everything but I didn’t recieve anything

did you contact support?

Yes but no answer from their, I wait

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Im having an issue where i placed first 3 times but only one counted for the M4 prize.

Yeah it’s totally bugged, i think you need to play in tank for the task for the Sherman

not 100% sure thats the case i believe the only one i got credited for was in naval

It’s totally bugged don’t search, I never recieved my prizes

Its not bugged. You need to claim the prizes in game (mobile).
Log in to your game (i used my Gaijin account)
On the home screen select Tasks, there you will see your progress towards your prizes. You have to select receive to get them, its not automatic

If you read the last posts, you will see we have already done that and it’s why this topic was created

Meh, just trying to help for those that didnt know where to look.

Too bad. I got all mine anyway, so why should i care. Guess you can complain to Gaijin that you didnt get your free stuff…

has there been any update on this so far?

Hi, Did you received it?