Ive grinded + paid 700GE for the Churchill AVRE event but forgot to click Get Reward

Ive been very intrested in this vehicle so far and accualy wanted to play it with a squad with my buddies. After searching for a while in my techtree i couldnt find the vehicle anywhere, (i knew ive done all the stars + paid 700GE for the last one). it wasnt in my inventory… turns out. i never clicked on get reward so i never got the vehicle… I got really sad and hopefully there can be some hope of help that i can still be available to get it. Its was a really hard grind sins i was just extremely unlucky with my matches and some of the stars even took me a extra day to finish. its extremely exhausting…

Try contacting support

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this is how I imagine you right now.

Might be, i am waiting for AVRE on market myself, so i could buy it. It wasnt worth it using GE to get it, as it will be cheaper on market, and i didnt felt like grinding the event this time.

Ye i was almost there having the sell coupon but already just overexhausted myself grinding the last star itself so i bought it

The fact they waste time coding in useless features and crap no one asked for but can’t make it so it so rewards auto redeem is criminal.

Lets hope support can do something otherwise i got robbed 5 days of my time + 700GE ;-;


I lost a top reward Soviet tank and more than 40 levels rewards from 60-something to 100-something in a battle pass bit more than 1.5 years ago. Got sick during some event (so didn’t get it either) and then all the rewards went poof and I got gaijined. Doesn’t matter that I have grinded all these levels and purchased the BP… comrade, you forgot to click the little button… sucks to be you. I also lost that float Po-2 because I didn’t click the little button, even though it was fully assembled and ready to go.

They recently changed it, so you get all the BP rewards researched at the end, but other stuff remains “click to collect.” Plain stupid.

EDIT: That also counts for the premium vehicle I didn’t get from the warbond store that I was going to get with all these warbond levels. smh