I've driven to the enemy spawn and spawnkilled 3 people. Why do I have crew lock?

Why do I need to take out another tank in a dead match?

Why are you encouraging me to continue spawnkilling?

Explained here “Crew lock - War Thunder Wiki

If anything else its probably a bug

I don’t know where your going from there though.


Your “delay spawn camping thread…” had me under the impression you were unable to spawn camp efficiently because you were getting killed in the spawn zone.
“I mean I’ve just driven out of cover in their spawn and killed them after the timer has expired and would like to be able to retreat to cover before they are able to respawn and spank me.”

I can optionally wait with a crew lock or I can continue to abuse spawn killing. I don’t like that.

My delay spawning thread was created because games drag and if I’m going to be forced to spawn camp then I would like to not be punished for being forced to do so.

This thread is an extension for a recent match I had in which I had finished killing 3 people in their spawn and they were down to four players so I didn’t feel the need to bring out a second tank. Upon returning to hanger I had a crew lock for 90 seconds on my tank I did not take out. It’s a waste of my time.

Alright thanks for clearing that up for me. I know exactly what you are talking about now.
At least you can take out the tank that you did well with in the previous match though. Most of the time I don’t use a full roster of tanks if I don’t need to.

A solution is not to take as many tanks. That way if you would not get the crew locks. This would naturally upset others as one death leaving but its a thing.
Oddly enough if you had a single vehicle and called in a form of CAS with a certain amount of SP, you may not have enough SP to respawn anyways. So no crew lock.

I don’t see a point in spawning in more than 2-3 times personally. Especially if its a one sided fight.

I only have the S1 and S2 Leclerc fielded right now for my French lineup.

I just don’t think a timer should be applied once an enemy has been shot in a spawn. Once spawnkilling is triggered crew lock should be removed for both sides, in my opinion.

I dont recall the last time there has been a match that ended so fast that I would get crew locked. Sounds to me like you rushed straight to their spawn, got a couple kills, then left after not seeing an enemy for like 20sec. If there were still enemies left, you can always go hunt them down instead of camping spawn.

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Yes it is possible to ignore what I stated happened and imagine an entirely false situation which doesn’t represent what happened in my game.

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Yes it is still possible to fabricate “playstyles” and ignore what I stated happened in the match to make this comment.

You state here that you were camping spawn and “didnt feel like continuing the battle”

Yes I did not find value in taking out a second tank when there were only four players left on the enemy team who were trapped in their spawn while our team dominated map control and had control of all three points. I then left to the hanger to find that despite having been actively spawn killing my second tank which I chose not to take out was crew locked. I do not feel it is healthy for the game for a crew lock to be applied after a spawn kill has occurred from a tank within the enemy spawn detection zone.