I've been thinking about the 40mm Leo

With the new update Italy got it’s hands on this beautiful thing.


This started at 4.3 then was raised to 5.0 when the update dropped. With that I realised something: this is the spiritual successor to the Crusader AA Mk I.

Think about it: Better Bofors with more velocity meaning higher pen alongside a higher fire rate, a leopard I chassis with much more power and armour, but a much less protective turret. In this I remembered that not too long ago the crusader was also at Rank III with a Br of 4.7. And it was great. Now I’m happy to finally play the Italian successor of my favourite tank destroyer in the British tech tree.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


All bad vechicles from 60’s should not be in battles with IIWW era.

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Yes they should, as BR’s are determined by performance and not year of introduction


Looks like you missing one point, this is not tank destroyer but AA gun. On 4.3 act like TD.