I've been muted for 30 days (i dont contest it)

Hello, i have been muted for 30 days for saying in chat something bad for leaving the game after 1 death, aaaand its understandable, i sayd bad things and i dont really contest the decision. I am curious about the “retrospective” thing, what does it mean? Like, next time when i say something wrong i get banned? Its okay to get muted for more than 30 days or even ban if you say again bad things right after the mute lift off. But last time i have been muted was 1 year ago and i dont even remember if it was for 15 or 30 days, and i dont remember what i sayd to get muted. Next year if i loose my cool and i say again a bad thing i get perma banned because i sayd 2 bad things in 2 years?

Next time control your anger. Yelling in the chat is annoying for others.

I agree. But as i sayd, i did this 2 times in 2 years. I dont think i am a social danger. Dont tell me you never sayd bad things. Also i need a response to my question