I've been banned and I use GeForce now


I haven’t played WarThunder for a couple months and when I go into the game it says that I’ve been banned due to “Unsporting behavior”. Why did this happen? Can someone help me get my account back and let me know whether someone may have hacked my account?


Teamkilling is bad M’kay?

How would you describe your behaviour in relation to your team members?
Are they more useful to you or rather a reason to be unsportsmanlike with them?

Contact support; messaging on the forum does not help in your case.


I just play the game normally? I was in good standing for years and years and then I don’t play for months, I come back and banned.

How can I contact support? I’ve been searching and it’s difficult for me to find who I contact.

Here you go Rob,


Make sure you are logged in!


Two factor authentication activated? It is not uncommon for some people to have a rude awakening when they realise that a ‘fiend’ has used the account in parallel.


For unsporting conducts, seems very unlikely

Many things are possible. Generally speaking, I would also say that there are more TKs on the clock here than he would like to admit. But I still wouldn’t rule it out.

Can be for multiple reasons, Extreme Team Killing, Malicious Unsportsmanlike Behavior etc etc…

Untold number of “Friend borrowed or used account” or “hacked” and that can be because some have not used the Two Factor Authentication, and or they have used the same password everywhere they go… so when they go to a private gaming site, they use the same password and the owner of that site could then use that information to “Hack” the account…

The account can also be locked because they are at the GJN limit and the account would be locked for their safety… or could also be in negative GEs… and so, again only support can help!

But, for the OP only Support will know the reason for the account ban, so need to make a ticket and explain the situation and they should be able to tell you why…

But, if it is because the account was used in some kind of malicious behavior, then chances of getting the account back is practically nil

Thanks guys! o7