Ivan's La-5FN

Ivan Kozhedub was a Soviet World War II fighter ace. Universally credited with over 60 solo victories, he is considered to be the highest scoring Soviet and Allied fighter pilot of World War II. He is one of the few pilots to have shot down a Messerschmitt Me 262 jet, and the first Soviet pilot to have done so. He was made a Hero of the Soviet Union on three occasions (4 February 1944, 19 August 1944, and 18 August 1945). After World War II, he remained in the military and went on to command the 324th Fighter Aviation Division during Soviet operations in the Korean War.

Lavochkin La-7, Maj Ivan Kozhedub, May 1945

  • Battle Rating 6.0

  • $45.75
  • 30 Days of Premium
  • 3,000 Golden Eagles
  • Order of Linn
  • Title “Hero of Soviet Union”

  • Profile icon of “Ivan Kozhedub”

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45$ for a 6.0, surely :clueless:


6.0 for La-5FN that is at 3.7 in the TT. Not even the La-7s are that high, they are 4.7 and for some reason B-20 is at 5.0 despite being same plane with one more cannon and different cannons. Also Kozhedub also flew on La-7s. But we already have one soviet ace. Well actually three.
image and image with image


And we’re about to have a 4th with Eremin’s Yak-3.

Technically 6th, i forgot Zhukovsky I-153 and Krasnolutsky I-15

Oh true.

Also can add Il-2M “Avenger”

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He also flew La-5 as well

Wait really?

What are the chances that OP is Australian? As the older premium packs for aircraft around those BR’s was around thst cost, (Of course I doubt it but that’s our regional price).

Avenger is nickname of that particular plane,not ace’s plane like the rest.

Because crew of Il-2 ins’t single man.

But still it is not plane piloted by ace. By this logic the IS-2 “Revenge for the hero brother” is an ace tank too.

That’s a little much. It’s $30 for the 4.0 P-51D-20 and 5.0 190D-13 and the LA-5FN is lower BR than both of those. I’m thinking more like $20 or $15

Not all pilots whose planes we have are considered “aces”. Like only aces are Pokryshkin and Golovachev.

So Dolgushin with his 15 solo kills is not ace according to you. Or the upcoming Eremin that have 8 on Yak-1B and another 6 on Yak-3 we getting. Or Bong and his P-38 or Wetmore and his P-51 and so on. You become ace when you get 5+ kills solo.

So then why Stepanyan that even has “Hero of the Soviet Union” title isn’t considered as “ace” by you? Because he flight attacker and not a fighter? And there is no such thing as “ace title for 5 kills”. “Ace pilot” isn’t even an officiall titile at least in USSR.

Idk if “solo” is the right word. I think it’s just when you get 5 kills in general. You can get 5 kills with a dozen other planes around and your technically still an ace.

Well it comes with all those other stuff