It's too easy to take the main gun out in this game Now

I’m getting tired of this very very tired it’s too damn easy to take the main gun out in this game it seems that happens to me three to four times every game I play and it’s getting old and my tanks are getting killed that many times because of my main gun being taken out with no defense It’s BS!! End of Story!

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Yea im so tired of people shooting my gun out all the time. I got my gun shot out 3 times in a row on the same tank, i ended up leaving from just getting annoyed. I think its time for a break from WT

Wiggle wiggle …


Doesn’t work, I do it in the STRV 103, and it never works, because snail hates me.

It’s not a 100% but if you wiggle with the gun and the whole tank it can help. Looks stupid but it has saved my ass time and time again.

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I think it’s actually gotten a bit harder. I don’t the the 75mm guns with APHE can take out things like the tiger or panther’s guns anymore with one hit like they used to be able to do.

What annoys me the most is the imbalance between tanks. Some tanks you just need to sneeze on and you’ll disable their breach, like a Chally 2. But something like a T80 or Leopard, you have to aim for the tiniest little crack or youll just get a non pen


It’s gotten significantly harder to take out the barrels of tanks over time, and I think where it’s at now is best.

Back in the day (like 2 years ago) you used to be able to take out barrels with 50 cals. Now, you have to actually aim, and not only that, but you have to aim AND hit pretty much straight on or directly side on in order to destroy it, otherwise it either bounces or doesn’t do nearly as much damage as it should.

And, IRL, it took very little to have a barrel be considered “destroyed”. If shrapnel hit your barrel (as in the case of the M26 Pershing gunned by Clarence Smoyer during WW2, highlighted in the book Spearhead by Adam Makos), 90% of the time crews would not shoot in fear of complete destruction, effectively taking out the barrels. So.




I do believe it’s actually too hard to destroy a gun nowadays, as anything other than a direct head-on shot with APHE or something similar will actually destroy the barrel… Otherwise, your 105mm or higher shell will just glance off doing no damage or yellow the gun barrel.


I mean, it’s definitely annoying, but I’d actually argue that they’re unrealistically hard to destroy.

A lot of barrels can just take hits on the nose and not get damaged or destroyed.

I will say that especially at higher tiers, I think breaches should spall less and/or take more to destroy. Right now breech shots can very easily kill the turret crew on something like a type 10 (or most other auto-loaded tanks), despite features IRL that should mitigate that.

I don’t know that barrels getting softer again would make things better, but a “clogged barrel” effect (5-10 second repair) might be kind of nice to make the system a bit more consistent, that way it’s not All or nothing with tank barrels.


There’s only one problem with your pictures all barrels got taken out by accident not on purpose end of story and every time my main gun gets taken out in this game it’s on purpose it don’t happen by accident and lots to do with that Xbox lock on in realistic mode for somebody to automatically Turner turn and hit your main gun more than once I mean two or three times in this game is on purpose not an accident!

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It’s harder then it was when tanks came out. With improved armour models, volumetric armour and ammunition its harder then it’s ever been. You can help reduce it by not keeping your gun on target between shot, wiggling turret and not cresting hills with the gun pointed directly at the enemy. Doesn’t take much angle to cause a deflection.


The last game I played was about 30 minutes ago and my main gun was taken out three times and finally killed my tank because I couldn’t return fire you say it’s harder to do that and I say it’s easier and it shouldn’t be in the game because that’s where most of these players are doing is taking out the main gun so you can’t return fire and kill them and that’s the biggest downfall in this game

Xbox Lock on just targets the center of your tank IIRC. Typically that’s not the barrel unless you’re driving a Stug or something similar. Also, most people just use it against planes, as it doesn’t help much against ground targets.

And IRL tankers and soldiers generally shoot center mass or at a rough area, so of course barrels were “lucky hits” more than anything, but we’re not as limited in game. Same goes for headshots in games like COD or Battlefield.

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And I’ll tell you this Xboxes and PlayStations can use a mouse and a keyboard and as far as I’m concerned that is an aimbot that Xboxes and PlayStation have! And they shouldn’t have that privilege of having an aimbot end of story they don’t need it! And yes I have played PlayStation and Xboxes and I haven’t had any problem shooting a target with them add one thing more that’s where all tankers shoot at is center of mass and I can tell you that from experience!

TBH, I have that feature turned off when I play Xbox because of how much it gets me killed. Everyone I know just uses it to hit planes with ATGMs, and that’s not as necessary now that stingers exist at 9.0 and up.

Aimbot? sure, but it locks you onto one target, which isn’t good. Also, it makes it harder to hit weak spots on a lot of tanks. In my experience it was much harder to aim a shot away from the center of something once you locked it.

I know it seems unfair, but it’s so much easier to play without it, in my opinion at least.

The T-80 BVM has one of the most annoying breach in the game to me because it is contrary to the visuals. One would think that the entire area around the breach would be vulnerable, but there are so many pixels around it where protection jumps way up for no apparent reason. It suffers from T-34 driver’s port syndrome.

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One of the only big problems that I have with this Aimbot Xbox and PlayStation is that it can find targets that you can’t find when you’re looking through binoculars or the trees or the sites and that’s the major issue I have with this because my helicopters have been shot down behind trees by Xbox and PlayStation players that can’t see me through the trees and tanks as well that’s the big issue I have with this aimbot!


This is all true, but it runs into the same issue as the “how tough are (especially bomber) damage models supposed to be?” discussion for aircraft: Aiming is drastically and massively easier in WT than in reality.

This will always be true to some degree in video games, but WT adds further to the problem with the goofy optics-in-barrels mechanics, as well as the same generic reticle for all tanks (much how Pointer Aim provides a similar massively overstated benefit for aircraft).

Getting rid of these for tanks would open the door to many other positive fixes, such as the too-durable barrels we currently have.