It's too easy to take the main gun out in this game Now

Always has been. I call it “inexperienced player” (that word is banned here) shot.

Best ones are when they surprirse me from side or when Im in poorly armored tank and they still shoot at my cannon…

It’s realistic and is a tactic. Was reading a post from the tank museum bovington yesterday about the first perishing to see service in Europe. Lasted a day. First shot penetrated the mg port and second destroyed the breach. Sound familiar?

Just face it it’s not bright and it’s totally unfair to us computer players you see World of Tanks at this and still do for everybody all I had to do in World of Tanks is look the direction and see the tank and right click on it and my main gun was locked onto that tank all I had to do was Aim you know and the correct distance but then World of Tanks was getting kickbacks from the hackers I don’t know if the War Thunder does I don’t think they do but they might but the hacks got so bad in World of Tanks and the maps were so small when War Thunder first started putting tanks in the game it was more fun because the maps were bigger and now War Thunder is downsizing the maps and it’s crazy that’s why I think I’m going to go back and start playing Steel Beast Pro-PE again but it would be cheaper for me to buy the game again because it cost me $90.00 for the upgrades to the new version now so so I think I’ll buy the whole game again for $115.00 for the complete game and a new dongle you see the dongle is for if you get caught hacking into the game and changing things you lose your license they shut your dongle off and you can’t play no more

What is stream of consciousness…

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What do you mean by consequences? in what

We had this guy this is really funny he removed all the trees on the battlefield to two-foot stumps so he could see all the enemy tanks on the battlefield anywhere on the map well he lost his game for doing that We all were LMAO

Pov: les joueurs mais et t-95 qui regarde ton commentaire 🥲

You know that feature is avilable on PC right? You just have to keybind it. Tracking camera target or something like that. It isn’t very useful except for AA duty and adjusting your aim in aircraft. I’ve tried it out in aircraft on PC mostly and tanks on Console, but it doesn’t do much for tanks and is a clunky mechanic because you need a view lock for it to work. Mouse and keyboard is much, much better than using that system with a controller.

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Hitting a cannon seems to be incredibly inconsistent. Sometimes it easily destroys it, other times it does nothing for no reason.


I’ve noticed a major difference between two sets of tanks I use.

My German Leos (2a6, 2A5, 2a4) main gun hardly never gets taken out. While the USA Abrams constantly, easily gets gun disabled, every single game almost. Way too easy for it to happen like it does. Along with the turret ring. Although I will say my turret ring on the Leos gets taken out frequently too.

I’ve tried explaining that feature 3 times in one thread with a video tutorial and he still gets it wrong.

He plays RB
It doesn’t work on tanks in RB


I have come to the conclusion that you should be able to 50 cal barrels again. Because its funny.


On PC I did not find the tracking camera enemy in aircraft mode but only in tank and naval. Where do you find it?

lol it’s much harder than it used to.
Previously autocannons needed just a moment to do it which was nice as it paid for the risks IFVs had to take.
It was also paying for a risk in something like Sherman or T-34-85/T-44 to get gun out on things you cant even penetrate frontally like Tiger 2.
But now shooting cannon usually makes it orange at best.


kinda weird to see that the Tiger gun shattered a lot more than the Sherman ones

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I imagine it will become super annoying, I always can’t afford to shoot a yellow barrel/breech without breaking it which turns the ammo into blank lol

i only play top tier, its breech simulator every game.

I think we will all agree that the problem of the barrel breaking is mainly in situations in which it breaks while facing you, not from the side, since from the side it is easier.

skill issue

It used to be a mechanic, just an FYI. It was only a little annoying.

I’m simply trying to highlight here that Gaijin over the years has made it significantly harder to destroy it damage gun barrels. Although it would be funny to have that mechanic back, I fully understand the reason for the change