It's time to stop mixing teams

the time of mixing top-tier should come to an end. both sides have comparable (lol, in game maybe) aircraft, it’s time to let them fight on their own.

That’s not why teams were ever “mixed”.
It’s purely player counts.

Warthunder has probably grown 5x from what it was pre mix

Here’s a fact: When all tech trees have equal players, there is no doubling of tech trees in matches.
It is only when a tech tree exceeds a threshold that matches can have doubled tech trees.

This is easily prevented by players choosing to play other tech trees.
If you’re playing USA, stop playing USA. Play another tech tree.

The matchmaker is responding to what the players are deciding.

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Where can I read about this “fact”

Right here.
By the way, when was the last time you had Soviets on both teams?
I can say mine was within the last two months, but I can’t specify.
Because Soviet players while they can cause a dual Soviet match sometimes, don’t have the American player count to cause it all the time.

The problem is that top tier is only 4 nations at the moment (US, USSR, Germany and Israel) With only 3 of those overly popular, you’ll get an influx of those nations.

The solution, is fix the other 6 nations to have equally competitive aircraft and keep it that way, eventually you’ll hopefully have 10 playable nations at top tier, and you’ll get non mixed teams. But at the moment Gaijin seems happy with top tier being 2 aircraft theatre and only adding new vehicles on a regular basis to 2 nations. The other 8 are lucky if they get more than 1 vehicle per year

I have had mirror matches twice this week.

You try to queue up Brits with Germans and let us know how long you take to get a queue… Or US and Russia…

This sort of mixing with a squad, people commonly have long queue times because the matchmaker actively avoids that combination.

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Plus, there’s no real differencce when teams are mirrored or not since you have BMPs and T-something in every friggin tech tree.

Actually I found It quite funny to get a historical accurate game 11.7 Russia vs Russia and the rest of the world