Its time to go 2s38

It’s time to move the 2s38 up to 11.0+ it doesn’t belong at its current BR. Maybe then they will take the bias out of it!


They aren’t done milking it for 3-4 years before they uptier it and/or nerf it so they can sell the next premium

Yeah, as soon as its pulled from sale, it will move to 10.7+

Until then, it sells very well, and the whole 10/10.3 soviet line up can be achieved with buying every slot

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So you are saying that the 2S38 is notably better than the Strf 9040C that is at the same BR as the 2S38 has superior pen and therefore needs to be at a higher BR .

Thanks for agreeing with us and providing supporting evidence.

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10.3, as I’ve been saying since 2S38’s release.

10.7 minimum. Just make it the top tier premium for Russia lmao


it definitely has no business being lower than 10.3, I also think 10.7 would be fine.

11.0 might be a stretch, but it also might not.

anyone who thinks that its fine at 10.0 has their head screwed on wrong. the only reason it would have average player stats would be due to all the random brand new accounts buying the thing, by which if you used the same logic, the M1 click bait should drop to 10.3…


The issue with 10.7 is Strf 9040C needs to be brought up to 10.3, and probably HSTVL to 11.7 in order for fairness to balance is retained.

Why? These vehicles are struggling already. 2S38 is the only one that needs to go up.

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There isn’t more than 1.0 BR difference in capabilities of the HSTV-L and 2S38. I would say the difference is 0.7 BR. In which case moving the 2s38 to 10.3 or 10.7 wouldn’t justify the HSTV-L going up.

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