It's time that the U.S.S.R got some more high tier Bombers

The Yak-28B has been the highest tier bomber that the U.S.S.R. has for a while now but, there are no tier 7 or 8 bombers. That’s why I say it’s time to add some 2x tier 7 and 2x tier 8 bombers. The MIG-27 needs to be put in it’s right collum as well because it’s not a bomber.

If there was any Russian bomber to be added, it needs to be SU-24 Fencer.



i hope

I have no idea what bomber should be added, that why I’m just suggesting that add more higher tier bombers. I’ll let them decide which bombers they need to add. The U.S.S.R. Is just the start to. I would start with one of the most played nations of the game.