It's time for change, proposed new gamemode

War Thunder, as everyone knows, is FAR from perfect, there are constant complaints about gameplay, but gaijin either ignores them, or fix/add something nobody asked for.

One of the biggest complaints regarding gameplay is balance, especially and GRB,
And for GRB specifically, the issue is of course as tou know, CAS.

CAS is GBR is nothing more than a couple free kills, it usually doesnt decide who wins, or even contributes much to the teams performance, this isnt an issue with CAS it self, ina real combat scenarion, air coverage is crucial. The real issue is GRB itself,

Dont get me wrong, GRB isnt a bad game mode,
Its perfectly fine for tanks, but when you add aircraaft intobthe mix thats when you get a problem.

The basic CAS gameplay usually foes as follows:

Fly toward thee battlefeild, egt a couple kills and return to base, rinse and repeat

Or fly towards the battlefeild and get wrecked by an SA-22


This first one people may dissagree with, but hear me out,

Remove planes from GRB, and let the gamemode be reserved for tanks, and helis

And the second one is fairly obvious,

A new game mode

This gamemode would be a gamemode for all unit types (excluding naval for now), so helis, aircraft and tanks,and would be an Enduring confrontaion battle, on a suppremly large map

Rather than a “spawn in do what you want” gamemode, each player could be assigned to a task,where when you complete your task, you get a large reward, for example

air players

Aircraft are extremely versatile in the roles they can fulfill, such as: supression of enemy air defence(s) (SEAD), CAS, maintaining air supperiority over a designated grid square, denying the enemy instelligence ( i will cover this in a bit)

ground players

Ground players can be tasked with capturing important locations such as: cities, towns, airfeilds, military strongholds.


Helicopters will be tasked with helping ground forces by attacking enemy ground forces, or even scouting

new AI active units


In a modern war, early warning radards, airborne and ground radar, are crucial, having an EW radar gives you an intelligence advantage, these EW aircraft will be active, which is why it will be important for and aircraft with the task of maintaining air supperiority to find and destroy them,

Active long range anti air

These units will comprise of the pantriot, and S-300/400, they will fire at aircraft that get within a certaint range (not their max range obviously), this provides a threat to CAS aircraft, and a target for aircraft tasked with SEAD,

The objective of this gamemode (how you win)

One team has an objective, for example: deliver a nuke, cature a region, or destroy/capture a major military instalation,

If the objective is acheived, that team wins

The second team has to deny the first team the objective, and if they do so succesfuly, they won

And these can only be acheived by completing the smaller objectives each player is assigned to/chooses

The reason i think this gamemode would be great, is that it gives every unit and player a responsibility and a purpose

And let helos stay in there with no fixed wings???
Good one, for real.
Now that multipath has been removed the one best way for helo counters is ARH missiles.
I get dying to CAS is annoying but I still don’t het why remove them from a COMBINED game mode, something that the game is literally all about