It's time for a map rotation that doesn't suck!

Maybe this is the most difficult issue in gaming to resolve or maybe it’s done intentionally, but War Thunders map rotation leaves a lot to be desired.

Every other online game that I play, when I get put on a map that I don’t enjoy, there’s a very good chance that I will not see that same map again for a handful of matches. In War Thunder, when I get put on a map(s) that I don’t enjoy, there’s a very good chance that I’ll have to play that same map again back-to-back for the next 1-5 games. And it seems like it’s fairly common based on the conversations that I’ve had with others in-game.

So, what’s the deal?


Nah, you will enjoy cargo port for 10 matches straight or vader isn’t your father.

(yes, please. Fix it).


It’s because there are few maps that you can like in this game

I disagree. I’m more than happy playing:

38th Parallel, Abandoned Factory, Advance the Rhine, Alaska, American Desert, Aral Sea, Ardennes, Ash River, Berlin, Campania, Cargo Port, Carpathians, Eastern Europe, El Alamein, Poland, Fire Arc, Frozen Pass, Golden Quarry, Hurtgen Forest, Japan, Jungle, Karelia, Maginot Line, Mozdok, Normandy, Port Novorossiysk, Stalingrad, Tunisia, Wallonia.

There are plenty of good maps and enough great ones, you just don’t get to see them. And a lot of good maps are seen as bad because nobody gets to play them often enough to get used to them, especially as devs make changes to terrain and cover.

I mean, with how much the AI can do why not just have that programmed to make solid, non repeating map rotations daily? I don’t personally use AI much but I do some coding for it and I don’t think it’s that much of an issue to pull off.

Procedurally generated is the term you’re looking for, and I would love to see that tested for WT. Every map would be unique for every match.


Hm. Thanks for that.
Making unique maps would be a challenge for now but I do believe some “not so constant” scenarios or objectives could be a good start.
Sort of like random templates or something

That’s the neat part; All the maps are garbage.

But there are some that are copy paste and play very similarly to each other. Test-Site, Seversk-13 and Sweden OR North Holland and Eastern Europe are examples that come immediately to mind. So, it gets very frustrating when you find yourself locked into Seversk-13. Sweden, North Holland one week, then Eastern Europe, Seversk-13, Test-Site and North Holland the next, then North Holland, Seversk-13, Sweden, and Cargo Port the next.

Maybe those are the most popular, most liked maps, in the game. But sometimes I want to avoid playing 24/7 de_dust2 after playing it for a month and play something else.

Like I said, all the maps are garbage.