It's not hate, and I don't want hate, I just want to give my opinion on something and see if I'm lucky in having someone important see it

This is a game that, despite being fun and having a good community, the game itself forces me to stop playing it due to lack of time. I have 440 hours on Steam and I still haven’t reached top tier, I bought a top tier plane when I had 200 hours or less at the time, I never stopped using it, and so on, even though it puts in all the hours that a mortal with a normal life can. I can’t get what I really want or need.
This game does not reward the time you play it, not even when they include events because you need to give the snail 1000 hours to get a plane or tank that is not even that worth it.
This is not hate, this is my constructive criticism. Maybe I won’t stop playing it, but I would really like the game to change and be a little more friendly to the community, or at least to the people who play it casually when we can.
I understand that you have to earn money in some way, but maybe the way wouldn’t be to make the game so fucking difficult when it comes to getting progress. I know that because of the last update it is easier, but I simply don’t want to reach 800 or 1000 hours without having gotten the fucking mig 29 or even the TAM in Germany. I would have liked to reach the top tier at 200 or 250 hours, and continue playing and climbing other progress trees. Or I was just stupid and I should have started with Sweden and surely I would have reached the top tier at 100 hours.
And make no mistake, I love the game, I’m just a little pretty frustrated.
Thanks for reading, and sorry for the criticism, I just would like to be heard.


Warning for playing sweden stock lowtier is horrible. Also i completely agree with you i have played beyond 4000 hours of this game and i have still not gotten the viggens or Strv 122s. it is ridiculous

i have also purchased premiums to speed up my progress. And it helped A BIT Sometimes i felt that i had to purchace vehicles for GE and i (ashamed to admit) have done so because the game is painfuly slow to progress. im currently on the J35 and Strv 121 as my highest br vehicles! AFTER 4000 HOURS

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True I have just under 1.5k hours and just got the strv 121 today but I do have the viggen D, f16aj and tornado gr1 air grind is not bad but ground is like struggling thought a swamp that is filled with land mines

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That is true Air is much easier. But its often high risk high reward.

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You misunderstand. The game IS the grind. You may have thought this was a game about flying airplanes and driving tanks around, but its actually an accounting simulation. They just hid the spreadsheets behind pretty casino motif graphics.
Even players who have 10K hours and have ground out every tech tree, still grind the newest bobble or jump thru what ever hoops Gaijin thinks up.
So forget about why you actually downloaded the game. Your soul belongs to Da Snale now.

I have 0 hours via Steam, yet I have over 24,000 hours using the game’s launcher . . not that any of that matters really, but I have played almost every day since I started back in Feb 2014. When I began there were 5 nations, and nothing but planes, but that was fine . . aerial combat is still my favorite part of the game, even tho I do play all vehicle types(not helis so much tho). Back then “top tier” was jets, but at tier V, even with many additions since then, the jets there are not really “modern”. Korean war and some 'Nam Era maybe back then . . . long time, hard to remember. But now, as you make a good example, most new players only come here to fly jets/play top tier for whatever reason and simply do not look at the entire game. And friend, the game design is made for players to work their way up the trees, acquiring vehicles of ALL eras as they go. Learning the game, the various vehicle types, modes, maps, missions and spading the vehicles as they go . . . building up crew skills. . . . “polishing” their accounts as they go . . if you will. The game is in no way designed for players to get to top tier/end game in a short amount of time . . . never has been, prolly never will be . . .
Now, the game makers have been pushing the new more modern stuff since before the pandemic it seems like. Adding almost nothing but new stuff that entire time, and marketing the game that way as well. Needless to say a good many new players are surprised when they get here to find that to play these things, they have to do a LOT of work to get there. And so we have entered a period where “speed grinding”(and a LOT of complaining) by newer players has become the norm. . . . it is what it is. Gaijin has given us the “Roadmap” to try to ease some players “concerns”, but in the end . . it’s still going to be a grind . . . grindy game, you HAVE to do some work. But you don’t(and really can’t) do it all at once . . . just not how the game is designed. It took me maybe 6 - 9 months to get to lvl 100 back when I started(which was pretty fast really) and maybe another 2 - 3 months to get my first jet. But I have always played all nations, and getting a “jet” was not my priority then, or now. I just prefer flying props (faster is not better, it’s just faster that’s all) as I find more “game” to it than the other stuff . . but, personal preference. Point being, top tier has been, is & always will be the end game driving point, but it also is . . “difficult” in that it is the hardest for them to “balance” and always has those types of issues. . . from when it was tier V and 7.0 - 7.7 to what we have now.
All I can advise is, don’t be in such a hurry to get to the top, or a certain vehicle, vehicle type or era as you will: miss a LARGE part of the game(where there is a great deal of fun to be had . . no really) and you will end up having less experience, map/game knowledge than your opponents and basically handicap yourself a great deal and be at a disadvantage almost all the time. War Thunder is not a game that you “beat” or finish . . it’s an ongoing, ever changing thing with a life all it’s own . . how much time, energy & money you put into it is totally up to you, but . . if you intend to rush thru it or speed grind and skip over the majority of the game . . . chances are you will end up disappointed. Patience is a good thing and FOMO is not your friend . . . .lol
Anyway, no matter which path you choose, good luck . . .
May your ping & pl be low and scores be high . . .


I want to clarify that I do understand the grind and I do understand the game itself, only that the one that speaks in English is Google translate. It’s not me, because my English is terrible. (So if it’s not clear that’s why.)
I understand what you’re getting at. It just seems unusual to me that it takes so long for just one thing. And the real time that could be spent enjoying the game more, I use it getting frustrated and thinking about what I could have and not enjoying what I have…

I understand what you’re saying, thank you for not throwing hate, I’m very used to the fact that anything someone leaves on the internet is usually filled with hate.
Thanks for the opinion and to a certain extent the advice. But I still think that not all people have all the time they want to play the game, whether they are students or workers (who just want to play for a while and be distracted), and for those types of people it is fucking difficult.
I am an aeronautics fan, and I always liked jets more, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like props, but I do have a lot more fun playing jets and everything that has to do with them (as a hobby).
And I still don’t understand how people think that 440 or 1000 are a few hours in any game, when they really are a lot of hours (in quantity).

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Online casiono comes to mind. You buy a premium plane that is not OP but it allows you to earn a little more. I understand that they have bills to pay, it does come across like all the other chinesay to win

Hopefully the sarcasm in my post translated well.

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Stock low tier is a joke, the pen sucks, untill you unlock APDS then it is other worldly (2+ KD ratio)

I am sure you understand the whole concept of f2p, you either put in hours or you put in the money.

So I guess, what you really try to say is that it is too expensive to get to top tier with money?

EDIT: Honestly, if f2p model doesn’t incentivise you to put money in instead of time, then I don’t think it is implemented correctly and doesn’t work as a business model.

Heh, nice.

The hardest one, thus far, for me to spade was the French Mars 15. It was at 8.0, now 8.3.

Light tank, you have to use the best round and be crazy good with it!

Took a guy on Reddit 3000 hours to grind and spade the US air tree, so the other 9 trees are another 27.000 hours of gameplay.
Ground is a lot more grind but even if we pretend it’s not that’s another 30.000 hours, completely sane numbers and Gaijin isn’t out of their mind.