It's hard to believe that a Japanese aircraft is overpowered, but the A7M is overpowered. Nerf it's damage model, makes no sense

A7Ms are impossible to kill in 1 pass, they will put fires out constantly and will one click headshot you from 1.7km away. Hispanos are amazing, but they’re not good enough to ensure a kill on an a7m unless it’s completely stalled out. I’m trying to grind the hornet mk3 and all i do is critting Reppus here and there that land and repair after catching many fires.

Don’t get me wrong, us aircraft damage models laugh at su25s too.

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Skill issue, the Hornet has 4x 20mm and that will have no issue taking out an A7M in one pass. I do it with half as many guns.


the hornet is literally the best prop in the game right now what are you talking about? four hispanos on the nose will pack the punch. Two spread on the wings… not much. I’m grinding a plane, not spading it.


Still, if you’re shooting an A7M with 4x20mm and not getting a kill even though they’re all in the nose…


dummy, i only have two, it’s a spitfire, and most probably hitting with a single one. And no, a7m’s are tough as hell. I myself have survived an-m3 potshots, killed the guy that damaged me, went to base, repair and score an ace.

And I’ve done that or something very similar (instead of AN/M3s, ShVAKs or Hispanos) in probably every fighter I’ve played extensively.
Being able to survive some damage and keep flying isn’t something only the A7M can do and again, I’ve shot them down with far less guns than your Hornet.

As for your other statement, lol no the P-51H is the best prop in the game, it’s not really a contest.

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Two words: Skill Issue


mind elaborating why is it a skill issue to get hits on a reppu? is it the same skill issue one has when he dies to an aim9l that ignores all the flares?

Do try aiming my friend :)


getting hits and a fire = aiming

Maybe try aiming for spots it will instantly kill them? It really isn’t hard to down Japs


yeah no. Just because the zeroes are easy to down doesn’t mean the rest of japanese planes are as weedy. It’s like trying to energy fight a ki84, you can’t especially because these things are most likely going to have more power and retention than you.

All Japanese aircraft are easy to kill. Learn to counter them and you will have 0 issue.


In the OP you say you are grinding Hornet -

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