ITO 90M SAM count increase?

Hi, so I’ve recently unlocked the Ito, It’s a great platform but the 8 missile count really limits it.

I think it should be increased to at least another reload of 8 missiles because running empty just turns you into a scouting platform, a big one at that.

Things like the Pantsir have 12 missiles + guns so it’d be fine I guess?

Is it limited because of space reasons within the vehicle or was it limited for balance when it was introduced?

Vehicles have their real life ammo count, I can’t find any sources saying it carried any missiles to reload and given the size of the Crotale missile I doubt it carries anymore onboard.

Issue isn’t the missile count issue is Gaijin has designed the game to not offer functional ways for SPAA to reload.

IRL they’d have supply trains keeping them loaded and ready to go, ingame you have to run in to the middle of the battle and hope you aren’t shot by another tank or bombed while you’re reloading.

There should be an area near the spawn which allows ammo refill for all vehicles.

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Nothing’s wrong with the 8 missiles, being at the exact same BR with a SPAA that has noticeably better missiles (and of course 12 of them) and 4 cannons is just ridiculous though

All missiles suffered from the ATGM nerf.

The Pantsir is strong because of the range and its guns, but you’re not hitting something at max range unless it’s going in a straight line.

If the Pantsir was introduced without the ATGM nerf you could make this argument, but it wasn’t. The ITO has the best G pull of any missile and is still the most capable SPAA available. It just suffers from all the issues every other SPAA suffers from due to Gaijin’s map design and game mechanics.

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