Italy needs a panther

Seriously,why France has a panther and not Italy,a panther would be a great addition on italy tree


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Why should Italy get a Panther?

Where’s Britain’s J-8F?

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True on that one

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No it really doesn’t.


Iirc there were plans to make Panthers in Italy through license production and it got decently far along until the whole collapse of Italy thing. Honestly its not too far out there, especially if they do something like swap the MG34s for Breda 7.7s or something. Could be neat.

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Italy didn’t have the production capacity to even keep up with its own vehicle demand and the tank arms race. Germany did not have the resources to build a complete heavy vehicle production facility and for MAN to divert personnel to build/train in Italy.
There were plans, as in “Wouldn’t it be nice if…”
The “Italian Panther” is the P40.

I didn’t say it happened. Just that there were plans. Which might be my bad because I’m kind of in the naval addition mindset of “plan = addition” but if wooden mockups are allowed to be made into vehicles (as has happened before) then the Italian Panther would be fine. There was mockups of it obviously. Alternatively if not the Italian one then they could just do the Bulgarian ones

wouldn’t the italian panther be the p.43bis

Soviets should get Tomcat.

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True. But just say no to fake tanks.

Its not fake though it was a proper design study that had several mockups (miniature and full scale) and was approved for production and parts of it had started to be made but then armistice :(


Panther 1944 Italy

Screenshot (2577)
Screenshot (2578)

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It is not fake bud. This was the full metal and only Model ever built.


It’s German

These should be added to the game first though.


I’d rather much prefer that Italy gets the unique 44m Tas medium tank
which is essentially a Panther-inspired design by Hungary during WW2 and we have the Hungarian sub-tech tree in Italy so…


Not all of them were. Germany was in the process of transferring a certain amount to Italy. Likely 2 of those were under the usage of Italy however I cannot find any concrete proof if they were but the point still stands. You also would need to consider when Italy broke into a Civil War. Which means you did have some wearing the German Tanker uniforms.

Because France was the largest operator of the Panther outside Germany…