Italian ships present in other TTs but are missing in the Italian TT

Hi, Guys!
This time I’m gonna talk about a llittle thing, Russia has some Italian ships, I understand that Russia doesn’t have a big navy but removing a BB from Italy is not helping and for a low-cost addition these ships can be present to both TTs

Kerch → in italian Service Duca d’Aosta

the RN Duca D’aosta can be added as WW2 refit as premium/event

Novorossiysk → in Italian Service Giulio Cesare

the RN Giulio Cesare can added as Event/Squadron, in his WW2 refit can attract players and boost the Italian top-tier

at last the unusual one,
Letuchiy → Regele Ferdinand

the ship in reality was Romanian but Italy projected and built it, and cause Romania is already present in the Italian tree as premium, can be added as rank II.
If can’t be added, Italy can get instead the Regina Maria (same class)


Guichem → in Italian Service RN Scipione Africano

(Seek & Destroy)After years the new Capitani Romani class goes to to France, the RN Scipione Africano for Italy can be added as Premium

and guys tell me what you think about this

edit: this can be done with the other nations too!


I would love to see Ferdinand in the regular tree, would help Italy a lot at these brs.
About 2 other ships I’m not sure, as there are already similar ships available in the TT, though as squadron/BP/event, why not?

Duca d’Aosta would be neat to see in the tech tree, Italy could always use more Cruisers. As for Guilio Cesare honestly, it’s such a shame she wasn’t added in as the Italian BB Premium but hopefully, somewhere down the line, she can pop up.

As for Regale Ferdinand, I’d be perfectly happy to see her added to the Italian tree, maybe as a premium. Honestly, it’s kind of odd she got added to the Soviet tree as an actual tech tree ship though, as a captured ship she sort of screams Premium to me

agreed, those vessels deserve to be in the Italian tt


Kind of c*cky to not have them in ITA tree yea, +1


was captured, but at last was a war prize for Russia after the war, this is why we have the 1945 refit

I honestly don’t see an issue with this as German as well as France have captured warships too.

Should Germany get their french Type 1936A Mob & Type 1934A back as well? or if & when the dutch come the K class sloop should be returned (K-2 is the oldest captured vessel in game, not counting captured white russian warships of the USSR tree).

I say the soviets should just keep their Condottieri series cruiser & Conte di Cavour class Dreadnought Battleship as both types sisters are within the Italian tree already.

Only one I agree with is the Regele Ferdinand class Destroyer being given to the Italians as well since they’ve not got the sister vessel (similar with the yanksnot having a wickes class destroyer like the brits get), I’ve got a post on this part.

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I’m not saying to remove them from the Russian tree but add them to Italy, because removing one of the most famous BB from the Italian tree is not right and a BB is not a little thing as a destroyer, RN Duca d’Aosta has another refit different from his type in-game and these two are not captured but war prizes

For the other nations, Read the edit at the bottom, I did 4 hours before your reply

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Aye, I was just saying it was an odd choice to pop her in the research tree rather than making her a premium that’s all

because its identical to the ships already in the italian tree?

I think only destroyer class of Ferdinand should be added. In terms of cruisers and battleships italy still has unique stuff to offer so why not discuss this after there is nothing more to add.

No I mean Regale Ferdinand in the Soviet tree, being that she was a captured ship and all it sort of feels that she should have been a premium in the Soviet tree rather than a tech tree ship, I was just saying it was an odd choice. As for her implementation into Italy I’d be fine seeing her in the tree

I had you backwards

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Topic updated with the new addition of the Scipione Africano to France

we have the same class of ships already present in italian tt, and there is 10 (2 completed, 8 laid down) left to be added. I think this just exaggerating the issue.

this is not a post to ask gaijin to add them at 100%, but is more a list and things about the ships going to other nations

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Well the post describes it as a “little problem” but I fail to see how is that a problem, and attilo regolo class doesnt seem to be problem at all. Dont you think it is a bit misleading?

the little problem is more for the BBs, i’m gonna fix it