Italian Medals that you get from playing Germany?

To my knowledge, Italy is the only nation that has medals which require you to play a different nation in order to get them.

At this moment, there are 5 such medals:

  • Bronze Medal of Merit
  • Silver Medal of Merit
  • Order of the German Eagle 5th Class
  • Order of the German Eagle 4th Class
  • Order of the German Eagle 3rd Class

Pictures included:



(simply said, to get them you need to play Germany and achieve a win while placing 1.- 3. in the team)

So I am here wondering… Should these medals even be included besides the italian ones? Should these relics of the past when Italy was apart of the German Tech Tree be removed, changed or replaced?


I dislike them. Everytime I look at a player’s profile and most likely these are their “Italian” medals, unless they really commit into the tree.


Yes, that’s the thing I also dislike. Seeing these “italian medals” in collections of people who main germany.

These medals are not from the time when Italy didn’t have a standalone TT. These were actually new. In the past Italy already had its own medals tab with 3 medals, which you could get playing Italian planes available in the German TT.
Though yeah, it’s stupid to be able to get medals for Italy, while never touching it. Imo move these medals to Germany tab and for Italy add more of Italian/Hungarian and Romanian.

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I stand corrected then. I remember reading somewhere or being told that it was because of what I had said, but I guess not. Thanks for correcting me.