Italian coastal fleet really needs a buff

IMO the italian coastal lines are one of the worst lines in the whole game
almost every ship is overtiered and that makes them almost unplayable
20mm breda is the worst 20mm cannon in the whole game because it has the slowest rate of fire and the smallest magazine,and their damage is also not good at all
And bofors ships like MS473 and MC490 at br 3.0/3.3,their firepower(2 40mm cannons) are just the basic weapon for ships in other countries,like american PT-59/PT-812,british SGB-4/MGB332
for survivability, 40mm wood is one of the worst hull,their crew are also very small,that makes them really hard to survive and easy to be destroyed(especially in AB)

So gaijin pleasy reduce br of all the ships before br3.3 for 0.3 or 0.7 br to make them a bit playable


I didn’t find italian coastal fleet weak. The 40mm bofors boats are very powerful. And when you adds the Sparviero things become really good. My problem is the very slow progress unlocking modules at rank V.

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This one is fine due to better survivability and stability.

But, this is just bad (actually all of these CRDA boats aren’t that fun to play), MC 485 is much better imo, while also at lower br.

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i dont like MC485 because it don’t have a front firing area and that always make me death.But i have to use it because MV611 and GIS811 feels worse

Yes, I’ve played IT coastal vessels as a Coastal line up a bit, but much of my progress in that TT has been from playing MTBs as auxiliaries in Bluewater line ups. There’s nothing really special or noteworthy before Saetta, and Coastal itself is too much of a broken mess to make it worthwhile or much fun in average vessels.

Italian boats are pretty much lower BR than vaguely similar ones in other navies - but they are often a bit lighter armed and/or slower so that’s fine.

IMO there’s nothing much wrong with it - it has peculiarities, but I didn’t find it weak to grind.

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Absolutely horrendous line. You have to fight with 20 mm guns in a wooden coffin with subpar speeds compared to other nations until Rank IV. You constantly face ships with 40 mmm cannons + metal hulls.

Not to mention you have to play the exact same ship 6 times and the other one 4 times.

Please Gaijin make a rebalance.

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