Italian Aircraft at 10.0 - 10.7 | Is there any decent fighters that Italy could get?

So right now there really only 3 aircraft that are 10.0 - 10.7. There’s the F-104G, AMX and G.91YS, and most of those are pretty terrible at being fighters. The F-104 you just run away all the time cause its speed and it cant turn, and not to mention that it gets put into 11.0 matches cause its 10.7. The AMX is just a strike aircraft, its like using a A-10. And the G.91YS is like flying a turd with afterburners that do nothing, is probably one of the worst fighters in its BR.

Is there anything that could be added that would give Italy a somewhat decent fighter to have in 10.0-10.3 range?

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Im fairly certain i read about a hungarian mig-21 F-13 equivalent export model, other than that not really

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Italy can only bring more CAS planes at these brs (like some Aermacchi variants can fit or there can be some kind of early Tornado “bomber” variant limited to AIM-9B and dumb bombs).
Hungary (and maybe Romania) can bring some fighters though in a form of MiG-21s and 23s (UB variant can be placed at lower BR due to worse missiles, only R-3S and R-13M). Plus Romania has IAR-93, which is a CAS plane, but imo looking at its AA loadouts it should have very good fighter capabilities (iirc up to 8 R-60 missiles).

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Prety sure the IAR-93 can’t take any air-to-air missiles, just bombs, rockets and maybe Kh-23. The old forum suggestion says it can but provides no sources or evidence.

The IAR-93 can carry 8 AAMs. In this image of its armament options an AAM can be seen.


They’re 8 R-3Ss, but they are AAMs. I’ve heard it could carry the R-60 but I don’t have an image of that.


I only see two? Also, for Gaijin it’s not enough for the missiles to positioned next to the aircraft, they have to be actually mounted. We found this out with the Tornado and AGM-65s…

There are only 2 there, I’ve seen an image of it carrying 8 (can’t find the image rn). That was more just a proof of concept that it could actually hold them.

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It’s still very vague and no images are provided.

Would this suffice?

Well it’s at least evidence that it could use R-3S even if it’s just a training one.

Still not evidence of it being able to carry eight though.

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The Mig-21 pretty much is like a slower F-104 with more missiles. What I’m trying to find out is that would there be a fighter that could would be on the same par as F-5s, J-35s and Mirages. The AMX pretty much fills the CAS role that Italy needed filled pretty well, plus there’s other models of it that get better missiles and payloads.

Maybe a mig-21 lancer from romania, I only know about the plane, idk its capabilities so its probably not 10.0-10.7 lol

Only Italian fighter added here could be M346 master in LFFA(Light Fighter Family of Aircraft) version:

Or FA(Fighter Attack) version:

Both can carry at least 4 AIM-9L or IRIS-T and have pulsedoppler radars, but LFFA have automatic defence system(flares dispenser, radar decoy) like in f-111and stealth coating(only little less visible)

Some of the newer jet trainers or something like the Romanian lancer or IAR-93 would work rather well imo.

Not really, MiG-21 and 23 are more versatile jets compared to F-104.

At 10.3, below there is still a large gap which MB series should fill.

Even though I would love to see those aircraft added, Italy needs more types of fighters cause its just a spam of F-104s, and that gets old fast.

The Lancer would probably be put in around 11.0 area which Italy already has decent fighters in that BR. And the IAR-93 is another CAS aircraft which Italy already has the AMX.

The Lancer is a 21MF airframe and engine iirc so I dont see it going higher than 10.7 and while yes i know it can get more modern missiles such as python ect. but for purely the sake of balance it would work well at 10.3/10.7 with normal R-60s just fine.

as for the IAR-93 I just threw that out there as a suggestion but i think it would be a more than fine addition to that BR range even if it isn’t strictly a fighter.

Lancer A can be a lower br variant, while Lancer C should be fully capable imo.