It’s Fixed! №88

We’ve got more to talk about regarding the work on improvements and bug fixes to the game over the past 2 weeks! Let’s take a look at what we’ve been working on.

If you’ve found a bug that you’d like to report, you can do so on our community bug reporting platform.

The Severe Damage mechanic has been implemented

We recently spoke about this mechanic in a separate news post here. Briefly, this mechanic rewards both the player who inflicted severe damage, and the player who destroyed this enemy aircraft. A test for this mechanic happened last week and now we’ve enabled it for aircraft in all game modes!

Some interface improvements!

In the previous It’s Fixed update, we released a new HUD that was specific to the “Battle” mode for ground forces which featured a better indicator with the number of vehicles destroyed and time left. Thanks for the feedback that you’ve provided on this. We’ve gone ahead and made some cosmetic changes to further improve this HUD.

We’ve now made the animation when a vehicle is destroyed to be more simple, so that it’s not as distracting as before: it’ll now only blink once when there’s a destruction instead of pulsate. We’ve also made some changes to the capture point icon: being directly on a capture point is now indicated, with the icon becoming larger. The colors, outline and background of the capture point icon have been improved in general as well as when capturing a point, to help with readability overall.

In addition to this interface improvement, we’ve added an additional window to let you know if you’re sure you want to enable the ability to research helicopters with ground vehicles. This has been added because players have accidentally enabled this option without knowing, causing many to become confused as to why no research was going towards their ground vehicles. This additional window will help to avoid these situations.

Scouting made better

Also in the previous It’s Fixed, we made some changes to active scouting on ground vehicles, and since then there’s been another improvement.

You know those times when you were going to scout an enemy, but right before pressing the scout button, the enemy you had in your sights was engaged by an ally and destroyed. Since you scouted right at that moment, your active scouting gets a lengthy cool-down as it was counted as a miss.

We’ve reduced this timer if this occurs: if an enemy was destroyed less than 1 second ago, your active scout will not be counted as a miss, which means you’ll be able to scout again after 6 seconds — the same amount of time for a successful scout — rather than 45 seconds.

Tracer rounds and a stealth belt for some Swedish aircraft!

Several Swedish aircraft had no tracer rounds in their belts, which meant there wasn’t a separate stealth belt as it was not needed. This made shooting difficult for these aircraft, so we’ve decided to add the type 5876 armor-piercing tracer round to the existing belts for the Akan m/55 cannon, and a separate stealth belt to this gun as well on the following aircraft: SAAB-105G, SAAB-105OE, AJ37, AJS37, J29D, J32B, J35A, J35XS, J35D and SK60B.

We’ve also expanded the range of belts available to the GSh-30 cannon. All Mi-24 helicopters and Su-25 aircraft will now be able to use stealth belts.

That’s not all

The full list of improvements can be found in each separate update note. Here’s some others: Aircraft without horizontal stabilizers no longer receive severe damage from any type of hit, gun stabilization in the rear hemisphere of a tank has been corrected, and the correct grid square is now announced in voiceover when an artillery strike is made.

Once again, many thanks for all your bug reports that you submitted using our special service.


oh heck yes! this was really needed especially on the lower end of BR when players first get into Jets as the speeds there can be deceiving when aiming. Not to mention that tracer round do exists for those guns (even though they are training rounds).


it isn’t? they have and can use tracers. its just not generally used in combat missions because IRL it makes no difference as you don’t aim with the help of tracers but in game we do. so why not give the ability to the gun to use tracers?

Well, training rounds exist for these guns. I haven’t seen anything about them having tracer.

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Screenshot 2024-02-29 101250

also found this:


Screenshot 2024-02-29 103101
Screenshot 2024-02-29 103132

Screenshot 2024-02-29 103225

Edit 2:
found more:
en utställning på Mellersta Finlands flygmuseum där olika ammunitionstyper för 30mm Aden / 30mm Akan m/55 presenteras (a exhibition in “Mellersta Finlands flygmuseum” (a museum in Finland) where different ammunition types for 30mm Aden / 30mm Akan m/55 where presented).


File:30 mm Aden ammunition Keski-Suomen ilmailumuseo 3.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

described as follows:
1: HE with self-destruct fuse.
2: HE tracer.
3: HE with impact fuse.
4: Semi-armor-piercing with self-destruct impact fuse.
5: Armor-piercing high-capacity shell with tungsten penetrator.
6: Training shell with tracer.
7: Training shell.

note that the shells with tracer are indistinguishable to their counterparts without tracer unless cut open.


Yay, someone who can actually point to a source that shows a shell that has tracer


Ap tracer too lol

Unhistorical ≠ impossible. But historical reasons play an important role in game and they make such nice exceptions for Sweden which is already incredibly favored by the devs (also remember how they were given HMD on jas39a with an incredibly ridiculous excuse).

Su39 with possible thermals? No, it’s unhistorical.
2a7 with possible better armor? No, it’s unhistorical.
Abrams with possible du? No, it’s unhistorical.
Unhistorical tracers for Sweden? Ofc, shooting is difficult for Dmitry)

Can’t please everybody, obviously.

Don’t know how many times it has been complained that the Swedish canons have no tracers, which is making their use more challenging than ALL other nations. Now claiming Sweden “Incredibly favoured” is quite a statement, considering how their vehicles are matched, how their repair costs are (or used to be), etc.

Just let everybody fight with the same length spears…


Dont forget those favored Italians which get DM53 on Ariete.

Or the Kikka which gets guns

Or the XP-50 which gets guns

Or the Yak-141 which gets a radar

Or the Maus which gets sub-caliber APHE

Or the Tog which gets a armor downgrade and a smoke launcher

I made a bug report on the LAV-AD that was acknowledged over a year ago about it having a tracer belt option after it was removed, any chance it’ll be added back as an option any time soon?


Severe damege does not count critical hits in Air AB. I shot down 10 planes and received only one critical hit. Now easy task for 10 critical hits is very hard.

yeah… its not only Sweden that gets that treatment, its based on balance.
if i remember correctly one of the the T-80 tanks (cant remember which one) got thermals when the IRL version only got tested with it but not implemented it in the production model.

so adding things that were only tested but not used on vehicles happens in WT every now and then for balance reasons. (though the JAS39A is a bit OP at its BR at the moment)

also, the akans did have tracers.

Just the best ground top tier lineup for last 2-3 years which become even stronger with spall liners.

Yeah, nothing wrong.


I’m not against unhistorical balance. More like hard supporter. But there were much more deserving candidates for a buff and they buffed Sweden after they deleted Sweden’s tracers themselves for “historical accuracy”. Circus…

And thermals for t80b is more like a nerf) I’d trade it for -0.3 any day.

Unhistorical ≠ impossible

its… not unhistorical though…
they have tracers, see my previous post:

updated the post with more info if you are interested :)

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Ok, correct, it has improved. What I am always sceptical about if favourism is assigned to individual nations. Some time that nation is a bit better off (and immediately people leap forward with “they’re favoured”), then another nation gets into the spotlight.

It constantly shifts, and I feel it’s not reasonable (but understandeable…) to from those changes develop some claim of favourism.

This a well known fact that they had tracers as training ammunition. It was even mentioned in report that was main reason to remove tracers from Sweden. And devs still removed tracers because “it’s was only a training non-combat ammunition and blah-blah-blah”.