It is necessary to add AA AI to the helicopter airfield

In Ground BR mode, it is very unfair when enemy jets or enemy helicopters camp at the helicopter airfield. It seems like there is no chance for helicopters to take off.

The AA of teammates also cannot support from such a long distance. It is very rare for friendly jets to provide support, especially since communication in this game is very limited (it seems like no one cares about chat).

Therefore, adding AI AA like the jet airfield at the helicopter airfield is extremely necessary. I hope they will add it in the next update.

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there is always the option to choose to spawn on the helipad that is close to the airfield
you just want to have a free spawn shoot and reload spot :)


And if knowing that there’s a enemy near some of the helicopter spawns, just take the other one and maybe kill the spawn camper.

Dealing minor damage ok, because you’ll barely be able to fly near a helipad without getting shoot down, those airfield AA are busted.

was busted and ppl abused it and camped with helis on the to kill tanks and reload while being secure there


But the cost of finding out which helipad an enemy is camping at is really not cheap. We know SP is very important.

I think moving the Helipad further away will solve this problem because using a jet camper to counter a heli camper is really strange.

no its simple,
A: you a spawn on helipad 1 with the spaa that deals no dmg
B: you spawn on helipad 2 which is close to af and will nuke most things coming close

It sounds like YOU just want the easy mode with helis :)

all that had to be said has been said

What the hell you talking about? There’s enemy marker if you reach near enough the spawn, and it’s a pretty big radius so you can see anything in the map miles away.

There should be some light AA that shoots at targets that loiter for too long on the first helipad, this is a legitimate issue and can be an extremely frustrating element that can be addressed easily.

AA that does zero damage is the dumbest thing about GRB, it makes the game look broken and I legit thought it was until I found that they disabled AA damage for the first helipad, just disable the thing or call it a spawn camper beacon.

Scout drones should not trigger helipad AA too, it’s annoying since they can’t be killed by them either.

DO you know why they removed the dmg from the AA at the helipad ?
Because ppl abused it to camp there and sling atgm’s at poor tankers that had no chance to get them with a fighter

Also ppl are marked if they fly around the area so you know if there is someone camping
if you still decide to spawn a heli its YOUR fault.

Also the dumbest thing was to add helis anyways


That’s what I said that it should only target players that loiter around the helipad for too long, my solution would prevent planes from getting shot.

Not all maps have the second helipad close to the air field.

The main problem I see is other helicopter’s camping the first helipad, basically fcking over anyone that spawns there.

This should not be a thing imo as this basically screws over any helicopter that can’t defend itself/ has to get close to the battlefield to be effective/ or cant turn around fast enough to kill the intruder.

A very short range weapon to kill camping heli’s would solve this issue while also not having the first helipad be abused for it’s longer range aa. Maybe having an at team shoot at the enemy heli would work.

(This would basically force helicopter’s to atleast give the spawning player a chance to fight back before either being killed by an atgm or aa missile at higher tier’s.)