It is me or does it feel like 30mm autocannon on CV9030FIN do no damage at all?

This happend to mea already few times when i eather was shooting into the side of enemy tank, getting no post pen damage at all or trying to shoot the enemy gun barrel out i dont even damage it at all, if lucky slightly turn it yellow and im sorry but 30mm APFSDS round into the cannon barrel should knock it out in max 2-3 hits. With post pen damage i know it is problem since all APFSDS shell 76mm and under have less post pen damage like small caliber HEAT-FS

I have been playing the vehicle alot and i feel what your saying, it does have a bad penetration and right now i feel its just too high up in BR, it should go down or be given like airburst ammunition to compensate so it can be more valuable or higher damage values with its APFSDS round.
I didnt support the vehicle from the beginning but i guess it can bring some sort of value on the battlefield, it would make more sense to implement the 35 mm canon model at the same BR.

so i don’t have any problems shooting the tube black. you can also get almost anyone pen from the side.
you need a few more shots but it works. mine is now 6 days old and fully developed.

the only thing that’s really bad is that the commander’s sight is wrong. the sight is taken from the gunner sight.
theyyou should urgently change this and give your own line of sight.