Issues with IJN Fuso

While playing with the ship for a while now and even have a talisman on her, but I’ve had two grievances with it. First of which that she doesn’t get any floatplanes. The facilities are clearly there. The floatplane that should be there is the F1M, visually the same one launched from IJN Myoko in the game. It’ll pretty much be the same as Ise but a different plane. While not too useful in random battles, they are a good tool to have in enduring confrontation. Second is the twin 127mm mounts which are placed in the secondary battery. They should be in the AA battery, which is the case for every other Japanese capital ship that has them equipped. They also only get the TF-HE shell that are good for shooting air targets, not really for navel targets. We could also just get the option for which battery to put them in. I’d really like to see these changes implemented to Fuso.


You can try to bug report both issues because otherwise it won’t be acknowledged. However Im not sure about floatplane capability, even if the machinery is still there, plenty of japanese ships simply did not carry recon planes at the end of the war.

The 127 mm guns being grouped with the 152 mm is stemming from another issue that had been fixed the way it is set up now. The missing floatplanes is a known issue.


In her last voyage in 1944 IJN Fuso still has ability to use floatplane. Actually her first ‘leaked’ modelling has hydroplane on her stern.

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