Issues caused by the last change in BR and some more

Hi Team

I am a player of this game for over 10 years.
I only play Arcade mode between 2.7-5.7.
the big BAR change last time that effected me is most of T34 is moved to 4.0.
If you check Arcade win rate for Russia before and after that change, the difference is huge.
T34 is now very hard to play at BR4.0, the main point is its F-34 cannon is not powerful at this BR, espeically face tank at 4.7 or 5.0, like VK3002, Jagdpanzer4 or Jagdpanzer 38t.
In other term, if you put T34 at 3.7, the main op part is its armor. When I use T34 facing T34(1941), the only point to pen is its “cheek”, even side shot can be bounced or "eat’ by fuel tank. For other tanks at this BR, say sherman or Panzer4, being side shot is almost “one shot one kill”. even angling is a little bit more can cause being side shot.
Additionaly, T34 is very hard to conuter when whole enemy team is T34 or KV. Otherwise, T34 is still not OP. So, 3.7 is more proper br for t34 than 4.0. (I am saying T34 1941).
Moreover, I am asking you to look at KV-1B as well. Its armor way to OP at it BR. My judge is simple, it almost has no week point at side or back for most of tanks at.blow 4.3

Use your speed and sometimes useful armor to flank and get side shots.

Assault the enemy before they can take time to aim and kill you.

Its side armor is only 75mm. Multiple nations have access to tank destroyers who can engage the vehicle from the front, Russia has the ISU-152.

for some map when cap pionts are lined up, flank in AR is very hard.
For KV-1B, I just notice T34 can pen from back. I remeber monthes ago, the only week spot is turret ring from back.

The turret side armor is 100mm which can cause surprise when you can’t penetrate it even when it’s flat angled, the hull is 75mm on the side though and the rear of the turret is 75mm as well.

T34 is an excellent tank which does literally everything well for its BR. The change was very much needed.