Issue with SOME floatplanes

as the title states I have an issue with only some float planes, where they behave irrationally when not directly controlled by the player. Does anyone have any advice for me ? Is it a shared experience ?

RN Raimondo Montecuccoli
RN Trento
RN Bartolomeo Colleoni
each of these vehicles all have the same issue where the plane will fly straight up then lose control crashing into the sea. notable when directly controlled by the player this does not happen

Updated : I have found that the plane avoids flying into a kamikaze arc if placed into Orbit / Patrol mode
does anyone have an explanation as to why the forced crash landing is avoided like this … ?

HMS Enterprise
Previously an issue existed with the float plane on a single British vehicle, where it would quickly become unable to remain airborne and function more of a boat then a low flying scout. This appears to have been fixed at some point because I could not recreate the experience before posting.


This issue is annoying and well know with the french TT as seen with the cruiser Émile Bertin which carrying the extremely underpowered Gourdou-Leseurre GL.832HY which if you switch to your ship plummets to earth.

I didn’t realise it might effect other nations as well but they need to fix this blasted bug or change how the aircraft gains alt when conteolled by AI.

E, Bug not but (blasted wet hands from the current storm here).

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its good to know I am not the only one experiencing such issues. thanks for the reply

You mean when floatplane crash in case you directly change it into auto drive mode right?

That happens becuase in auto drive mode it is coded to heighten altitude to 50 m ASAP. Priority is set on that even in the risk of stall. So you have to manually drive your floatplane until 50 m altitude with safe speed, then turn into auto driving mode

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I think it might be a good idea for everyone that has ships with catapult armed aircraft to check each an every ship & aircraft in game to see how many vessels are effected.

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For me, the plane will often be around between 40 and 70 meters already during player controlled flight and upon switching will rush to above 200 Meters lose control and if attempted to have player controlled flight correct the coming crash began to spiral.
This solution does not appear to be the case with 3 vehicles from the blue water Italy techtree that I first listed.

Well it’s been long time since I’ve played them and at least in test drive they try to climb as much as they can but not into the area of loosing control if it is not under 50 m. Seems weird.

I can confirm that all planes function correctly for the British tech tree - previously I had issues with the HMS Enterprise but cannot recreate at the moment.

USS Detroit also functions without issues

Old thread but when I flew a float plane off an Italian cruiser the other day, exact same thing happened. Can’t remember which, trento or bartolomeo, in arcade.
I left plane straight and level. It immediately flew straight up, stalled, then straight back into sea at a high velocity. Obviously rubbish. Strange it seems to be Italian cruisers doing it. Other Navies don’t seem to have this? Not fixed unless it’s JUST been fixed in last couple days…:(

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It is a bug for all cruisers. The deafult altitude for all floatplanes is 50m so if you leave it below that, it will pitch up. Just make sure you are on 60-80m when switching back to the ship and you should be fine.

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Hmmm. I play naval a fair bit sometimes (I must be a masochist) and I can’t remember seeing it any other nation. Not once. So I just did a few test flights, US, British, Japanese … yes it does try do to it but often recover. And it can do wierd things, it’s not that simple. Like I tried it with the USS Trenton, it tried to climb, stalled, came down, RECOVERED, then went off seemingly much happier to try and climb slowly without any sillyness. So the mad climb seems to be something it TRIES immediately after you leave the plane, but it’s desire to do it goes away. How quickly after launch you do it is a big issue. With a bit of speed built up it seems happier. I’m now thinking (if test flight is anything to go by) as you say it does try it with other nations, but the Italian planes are maybe so bad in performance it’s really obvious and far more brutal?
OK! - I’ve just tried with Italian and it’s just bad compared to other nations. I gave it a count to 5 after launch and pressed U, horrifying climb and brutal upside down stall. Japanese, UN Agano, count to 5, it climbs fine and goes on its merry way.
It seems to be trying the same thing but some planes handle it, the Italian ones can’t.
EDIT: Just did a count of 5 with Trenton and it crashed, worse stall for some reason :)
Earlier today I definitely used planes a few times and also captured a few times with and then took off and soon after flipped back to ship while at lowish level and had no crashes at all due to this. (Not Italian).

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I had the same with my Ro.43, floatplane’s AI is absolutely braindead.

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This post brings up so many questions for me…

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