Israel's AH-60 should not be on 11.3 and should be placed on 11.7

France and Italy both carry helicopters with fewer long spikes, but they are at 11.7, while Israel’s AH60 can carry 16 long spikes but it is at 11.3. This is very unfair. Please adjust Israel’s AH-60 to 11.7 or remove the long spikes


Israel BIAS!!!

bruh. cope

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no (i will not elaborate)

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Fair enough

You get the Z-10, agile helicopter with SIXTEEN TY90 air to air missiles which are basically undodge-able if you’re in a helicopter, please stop whining about israel getting a helicopter with F&F atgms at a slightly lower br.

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are you seriously comparing an agile eurocopter to the brick of a blackhawk and dont see why one might be 11.7?

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lmao someone got cooked by battle coc… i mean hawk. If something needs to go up its definitely the mi28n and ka50. Both literally untouchable in full downtier and should be 11.3 long time ago before than the apaches.

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You think Spikes and Hellfires are good?

AH-60 has infrared countermeasures, Z10’s ty-90 and other infrared bullets cannot be locked onto it

U are still wrong, the Ah-60 doesnt deserve 11.7, its to much of a brick, it cant make the necesary fast manovers to dodge missles quickly enough.
At all aspects its worse the the eurocopters or the italian ones besides the number of spikes.
And you dont fire 16 either way or just quickly restock with the euros