Israel should have F15C Akef but not the Imp.Baz

Why doesn’t Israel have the same version F15C Akef as USA, a f15a with improvements is not what we need, we need a real F15C with TWS and new powerful radar.


I read alot of F15 sources… NONE OF THEM is saying on which radar Baz 2000 ( Baz Meshupar) had…

BUT the main reason of the Baz 2000 Program was to Take the F-15I Ra`am Avionics (Radar , EW , Communication , GPS , etc…) and Implement it into a F15A Chassis

i would like to see any Gaijin Source about the Baz 2000 program and Specs of what radar it had.


Since no sources said which radar was.used, gaijin probably defaulted to the standard APG-63

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But sources confirm that Baz 2000 program was Based on F15I Raam avionics, they could just keep the APG-63(v)1 and when F15E / F15I will arrive use the APG70 and the rest of the goodies…

They prefer gimp cuz they have 0 clue on Radar specs even tho the program is upgrade to Ra`am level of equipment.

The AN/APG-70 is older than the AN/APG-63V1 lol

Anyways, they will probably keep it as the standard APG-63 because no sources outright say it has any more advanced radar, because Gaijin. Hopefully this will change in future or they’ll just give israel another F-15

ik APG-70 is older but still better then APG-63PSP and its actually stated it was on The F-15I Ra`am ( which the same avionics were implemented in the Baz 2000 ( Baz Meshupar) …
but for the sake of Balance they could just keep it for now…They did the same with Kurnass 2000 once

annnd they knew to give the Japanese the NON existed F16AJ, right?

Yes, if Israel’s F15 is not modded I don’t think he can play against a full F15 in 13.0, it’s unbalanced, besides if gaijin is sure that he’s giving an improved version of the F15A a lot of information shows that it can carry a range of ground weapons such as Jewel Roads and other weapons, which needs to be fixed.

@_David_Bowie Do we have a time period or model that Baz Meshupar in game is based off of? Since most of the research I have performed over the last week suggests what we have received in game is a Baz with new PW engines, CFTs, a renamed RWR and Amraams (wrong model too) as opposed to the widely regarded model of the Improved Baz in IAF service with the improved avionics and systems to put it on par with the Akef and Ra’am, this seems like a far more sensible addition and with little effort can the current Meshapur be modified to befit this (mainly through the addition of HMS slaving to the radar or access to the APG-63 (v)1).

My main issue is your declination of multiple bug reports of the radar with the reply that it wasn’t an upgraded radar over the one present in the Baz, an aircraft 2 decades older, so if you would please reply with a rough date or time period that the upgrade in game was modelled after that would be much appreciated, thank you.

I don’t believe it to be such a serious issue as to drop it down, this would not be a logical course of action, it is more feasible to give it access to the APG-63 (v)1 as a stop gap solution and avoid the issue of a radar that doesn’t feature a capable TWS or HMD slaving while the rest of the BR have these radar features and more.

Maybe, I own both Israeli and Japanese F15s, but I played the Israeli one first, and when I started to play the Japanese one, I was incredibly surprised to find out that the Israeli one is missing TWS with head aiming, which means that it loses the BVR feature. I hope gaijin will improve it.

Baz Meshupar didn’t get the APG-63(V)1. The main upgrade to the Baz Meshupar (Baz-2000) was not the radar. The radar remained the same APG-63 PSP.

Changes for the Baz Meshupar were as follows:

  • MFD
  • HMS
  • New HOTAS
  • New GPS navigation
  • New datalink system
  • New FCS (Weapon Computer) to use Python 4/AIM-120 AMRAAM

There was already internal report on this, which is why the radar was changed from the APG-63(V)1 to the APG-63 PSP.

Truly a shame then that I have managed to spend hours grinding an aircraft that isn’t as competitive as any of the other 13.0s bar the J-11a :(

Eh gaijin have won again, I am in rank 6 of Japan so I will just buy a couple 10,000 GE packs and buy my way to the F-15J kai

so just remove it from the Game… its useless and u made ppl hopes up with the dev server
u let ppl grind Israeli tech tree cuz in mind they saw on dev server that Baz mesuhpar get equal stuff as the MSIP II…

But as always, at last moment u changed it and its just DOA F15A baz with useless radar …

But when its comfortable to u devs…u even bring non existed jet into the game like F-16AJ which never saw light in reality all in the sake of balance, Right?

Because of your name and the hit song star man, do you perhaps like the f-104?

I mean all i want from it is some ability to slave radar to HMD, this is a feature that is needed in a good top tier jet now and not having it, forcing you to either risk your life by pointing your nose in ACM or trying to fiddle with the radar gimbal mid furball just further acts as a kick in the balls, I have managed to keep a decent K/D but it’s frustrating not being able to fulfil the capabilities I grinded the aircraft for :(

And to be fair to the devs there is hardly any information on the radar the Baz-2000 has but I really don’t think it’s fair to remove it’s TWS and HMD over speculation and defaulting to say ‘oh we gave this jet a good radar but on second thought, nahh’.
If we can have fantasy weapon loadouts and aircraft then we can have a software mod to a radar lol.

Ppl accepting this reality that they doing changes after dev blogs and 2 week straight of dev server … 2 WEEKS and it never been tested or teased so we can actually know … even in the Changelog nothing was mentioned about the Baz Meshupar.

its literally an F15A baz with 120As and that’s it … u cant use the “scary” 8XAim120A on it as it actually should cuz RAM mode is dog shit and we all know that.

They love Tease new aircraft and then its gimped to the worst level…

weapons computer is litrelly ,among other things, the RADAR.
So you saying that Israel Air force were deploying F15 Baz 2000 ( which btw as hes name clearly state that this an late 80’s f15 a that got upgraded to the current era 2000, but stayed with a late 80’s radar? i mean radar is not the most important thing in now modern era jet fights?) with amramms but no radar to utilize them? is this a joke mate?
Can u provide us with any source, proof, that the F15 BAZ 2000 took flight with both APG 63 radar and amramm?