Israel F15c lacks of correct radar version

F15C and F15j should have the same radar as F15C BAZ, but F15C baz has a bug on it, it only has ANAPG63 not V1, It should be wrong and need to be fixed.


Answer from CBR on RU-forum.
Translation: We have sekrit dokumints that IAF didn’t upgraded their radars.


Smells like… *we dont want alot of F15s roaming around and taking down our lovely SU27SM and Mig 29SMT so because there isn’t a single source that say what radar it used we going to assume its 63 PSP.

Baz Meshupar which is “Baz 2000” built with intention of get the old baz and equip it with F15I Raam Avionics … it could have Apg-63(v)1 or even APG-70 which used on F-15E / F-15I Raam…

ohh and for the HMD … it had HMD system but why would gaijin even bother doing something with it and really fix it…they want the community to work for them.


so why give us a F15C Akef or correct CAS loads on this Meshupar

True , Israel received back in the 90s on Peace Fox III F-15C/D and called it “Akef” to differ it from the “Baz”

according to the official IAF website which state clearly that the baz had an overall upgrades in both avionics and radar in the late 80’s

in fact i would like to see gaijin sources, i would bet they were just lazy or living in some isolated reality with alternative facts



Translated by my Browser…
Seems like the guy not favor any Israeli stuff anyway , if Gaijin relay on ppl like this to give them “sources” you can understand whats happening :)

Again, the guy dont have ANY sources of any kind that shows APG-63PSP or APG-63(v)1 or APG-70 , he just “Assuming”

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“Jewish” f15… Israel has a name u know and not only jewish ppl lives there. and wtf with the circumcised, does gaijin thinks this guy funny or what?

anyway well he knows sh1t as we can see from his answer. rather gaijin provides us with the sources that they relayed on or just listene to their community


I guess gajin could add F-15I Ra’am first batch with AN/APG-70i radar, domestic USA Air-to-Air & Air-to-Ground ordinance and LANTIRN (AN/AAQ-14 targeting pod & AN/AAQ-13 navigation pod) except Python 4

F-15A Eagle from USA tech tree equipped AN/APG-63 PSP radar

u got any source that saying that isnt replaced? i haven’t found one that indicate about specific APG 63 PSP or (v)1

its all Guessing games at this point … they could leave it with (v)1 and it was fine , we all know that.

I’ve said it before and my comments have been flagged, but at this point I’m serious and it isn’t funny. They are anti-Jewish. The mods have to do something about these people.

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