Is Wood on low stock for the Tokushu heiki event?

Or is it only for me. I always have surplus for other resources. For some reason, I am always short on wood, waiting for it, then Chemical Components. As you can see from my screenshot, Steel is the most “popular” random resource.

I already checked the Gaijin Store and the prices for all good seem to be similar mostly. So this seems to be an anomaly for me. How is it for you? Are you short on some certain resource but well stocked on others?

The crafting events always give you a lower chance for getting one of the materials. It is to push you to use the market. You should still be able to ‘complete’ the event but it will take longer.

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It was my feeling also, people are getting short stocked on certain one. If Gaijin cuts weren’t so much, I would use market for Woodstock. But I feel like, in my case, even trading two steel with one wood seems to be great choice.

The crafting event is built around making you use the market. Sadly, i dont think they would ever allow us to exchange materials in the factory. Would be nice.

I have more steel than I need, and less non-ferrous metals than I need(Though at the end of the day, I always have enough) . Jokes on Gaijin, I will just sell steel and won’t buy non-ferrous metal.

Or actually… jokes on me for participating in event.

Maybe I can sell steels on the market and buy wood on the same market. I have 19 container, which can be handy at the last days. But should I sell all of my extra at the end of the event for Gaijin coin then? I don’t want to have more than one vehicle. Letting me play without pain and good way of making money

Yeah, once you are done with the event, try to sell what you can. Everyone will also be dumping their extras so it will be low rng if yours are bought. If you only want one vehicle, sell everything once you get your vehicle. The earlier you sell, the better.

Yeah, will try that. The plane seems not too great- at least from youtubers I follow and I have no intention of Naval. Is it possible to create second LOSAT to sell though. I can use first coupon for myself and other to sell?

I believe that you can only make one of each. You could sell the ship/plane if you wanted to do that. The ship will most likely sell for more than the plane. Honestly, the ship might sell for the most of all of them once people realize how bad the LOSAT is.

Ironic seeing how wood was pretty much the only thing NOT in short supply in late-war Japan…the building materials aren’t the ridiculous part though, it’s the progress reports. You need twenty of them, and there’s twenty pieces for each one…**** off Gaijin, I don’t have time for this crap.

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LOSAT is bad still the most unique one among them. I will choose the fun tank :)

I’m allways low on chemicals. I think every player is low on different materials.

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Everything’s gonna be bought this time. 20 materials max per player excess of purchase mathematically guarantees it.

Ive got large amounts of wood but very low on everything else.