Is wing overload different between air and ground RB?

I’m currently grinding Israel so obviously I’m not using CAS much, but I have grinded through the entire air tree. The three CAS planes I use most are the Kurnass 2K (11.3), A-9N (9.3), and A-4E (8.7), and I also used them extensively in air RB, and I believe I have a very good feel for them. But for some unknown reason, every other ground RB mission I use them, their wings rip from the simplest maneuvers (and yes I did remove the boosters on the A-4). I naturally take bombing loadouts to GRB but I also do bombing in ARB.

Did anyone else notice this? Or am I doing something wrong?

There’s no difference in the flight models

There’s a difference between certain maps. But not between ground or air RB.

i absolutely agree and share your experience. ive been using the frogfoots in airRB (25, 25T, & 25SM3) for like close to 900 total battles across all the varients and if i even attempt to fly the same way i do in airRB while im doing CAS, my wings always rip right off for some reason. i always have to fly at like ~80% throttle and baby each turn i make so that i stay alive in groundRB.