Is War Thunder fun yet?

Hey guys. I’ve put a little bit of time into this game, and after a while I noticed I was really progressing at all, and I got really, really bored, so I stopped playing. Besides progression, it felt really unbalanced, highly punishing, highly unsatisfying, and generally annoying, and sometimes unrealistic. A bit of time has progressed, so I naturally thought it has gotten better.
Are these issues dealt with? If they are, I want to jump in right now, but if they aren’t, I dunno. This is a legitimate question.



I have waited 12 years for that and I’m still waiting…
I pretty much forgot what fun is with this game.

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Yeah, that is pretty much WT. You have to be able to tolerate it or go find something else to do.

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Fun? You have to steal it from other players, either you have the fun or others have fun, there is no win win situation.




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Wow. I see. I’m very disappointed with Gaijin. Well, thanks for letting me know, guys. Good luck.

Lol. Did they really try that hard to make a game unfun? It would seem easier to make it fun than not fun…

I have tons of fun playing China - having friends to play with helps a lot

Enemy teams are really dumb at 10.0…


I’m really sad. I couldn’t progress past the end of ww2 tanks :((( Mainly due to the economy. Back when I left, they promised the economy would get better (if I remember correctly)

Horyshet 80% of the enemy team are CAS mains ooOooOOOopPPpps

Yeah! I remember dying to CAS a lot. A. LOT. Is there anything you can do? Have they added any non-CAS game modes?

I remember trying to get like 10 of my friends to play with me, and ALL of them either stopped or just refused. If the game hasn’t improved like you said, then I dunno if I can really blame them :(


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I guess friends make it that much better.


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When you are a foreveralone and you play WT


It used to be but if I’m being honest I haven’t had much fun the past year or so. The only reason I still play it is because of the money I have wrapped into it and that’s literally the only reason. I finished the US line with ground, air and heli and don’t plan on doing any other nations after seeing how bad top tier is. I’d rather be working than playing War Thunder so no, not much fun especially being a US main. Sorry but has to be said