IS this really all we can expect from top tier?

The game has not been developed beyond 2017*(smoke grenades were added). I don’t see how it can continue in its current state.



Seriously, 12.3 and I’m fighting on the Normandy beaches?



War Thunder, the only game where players complain 24/7 but keep playing 24/7 🤯


Sunk Cost + No Competition


Toptier should really only consist of red desert and pradesh since they’re the only maps actually designed for high tier vehicles i wouldn’t care if they were the only maps you could play since they’re still infinitely nore fun than city maps and the usual spawncamp maps like poland ardennes and flanders even fulda isnt big enough for toptier i regularly just spawncamp the enemy on fulda and they have no way to push back

City maps should be relegated to 6.7 and below only god knows why im seeing advance to the rhine and port novo railway edition at 9.0+ and any new toptier maps should have a minimum of 5-6km from your spawn to the enemy spawn


War Thunder, the game players love to hate.

It’s truly sad and infuriating, I stopped playing top tier ground RB after getting nothing but maps like these. I’d say that there is absolutely no reason to play top tier GRB, it is nothing but suffering with the current map rotation.

They should give us the ability to toggle an option to only get in big maps, I really don’t care if I have to wait 10 minutes (I already do for sim) but I will at least be guaranteed a map designed for the play style my tank was designed for.

I don’t get complaints about players complaining, ironically enough. It could be a great game, but a lot of that potential is wasted…

Just look at Coastal and Naval in general, every PvE mode so far…



Not so much.

It has nothing to do with allegedly no competition [War Thunder has half a dozen direct competitors and dozens of indirect competitors].
Sunk cost is entirely irrelevant as well.

Vamilad made an incorrect statement.
The game changes constantly.

“BF5 hasn’t been developed in 20 years cause it uses the same game mode as BF1942!” is the level of nonsense that post is.

Tanks aren’t designed exclusively for long range.

No it isn’t.
People need to stop claiming/implying man can develop new things in a week… you can’t. Some developments take years, such as AI development for games.

Doesn’t matter most tanks at toptier are designed for long range all toptier MBT have guns that are designed to fire accurately and kill other MBT out to 3km yet most of the maps in the rotator are the same breathing distance knife fight call of duty maps its incredibly boring sitting around corners just to have a chance at killing something because yiu aren’t playing the meta tanks like the 2a7 122b and abrams that can round corners and tank shots 90% of the time

No, they are not designed for exclusively long range.
MBTs are designed for 0 - X meters of range, they do not have minimum ranges.
Militaries and tank manufacturers all state things in training that involve this.

Urban kits aren’t designed to go against other tanks in close quarters, they’re there to prevent infantry from destroying the tank in close quarters.

The average engagement range of tanks in real battles is far less than 2km.
There are MANY videos of MBT engagements less than 500 meters.

How has gameplay changed since 2016

Smoke grenades, mobility, far more cover on maps, at least 8 CQC maps restricted from modern MBTs [which makes me sad cause I miss Karelia Abrams playing.], and a number of other things I can’t think of at this time.

Actually they do something like the challenger,ariete,type 90 and leopard 2 were not designed for close range engagements in mind hence why they have extremely poor armour on the hull compared to the turret the western tanks were designed to sit at range on the fulda gap not in street by street fighting the urban survival kit upgrades and additional ERA were implemented because of that shortcoming as warfare changed again into fighting non peer combatants who primarily had chemical warhead weapons

The average engagement range of russian and ukranian tanks is less than 2km as the terrain forces them into fighting in cities and towns we dont have that issue if we just have larger maps

2017, you got me there.

Map size is the same as it was.

Mobility is relative there’s been fast tanks before MBTs were added. The driving system certainly hasn’t been updated and NATO tanks suffer immensely due to Gaijin’s refusal to model regenerative steering.

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It has been years since Heli PvE and the assault arcades were released, and they’ve still been left to rot. Canyon in heli mode is an absolute mistake of a map and has been for years with broken AI, terrible altitude effects that nobody likes… Cobras with 3.50km missiles and unguided rockets put in the same matches as KA-50s, Apaches, etc with 8km missiles and far more effective rockets…
And both assault modes are a total joke. They didn’t even prepare air assault for 13.0 aircraft, which means they literally cannot be used there.

It takes years to develop AI, especially all-encompassing AI.
It took Eagle Dynamics 3 years to develop air AI for example.
While Gaijin is faster, IDK how much faster.
So we need patience.

It 1000% is. War thunder could be so much better. There could be a lesser grind, there could be better gamemodes (why is ground still just capturing points, and why is air RB still TDM). There could be better balance, and there could be a better economy.

Gaijin could do that stuff without a lot of difficulty, but they don’t. They don’t even attampt

Because balance thats why. You think you can sit all day long hull down on a hill and snipe tanks all day long?

Did you know there where test on huge giant maps made but certain “people” did not like the idea to drive for 5 min or so to get to the AO. That was before MBT70 and T62 came to the game ofcoarse and since then it was not touched again.

Here is tip if you dont like tiny maps. Just leave and take the penelty of waitinga dn rejoin. do this every time. Get others to do it too. This will show up in statistics and then change will come.

But keep in mind we are not alone and there is certain type of people who prefer tiny maps because it suits only there playstyle.