Is this normal for grinding the US ground tree? [5.0 - 6.3ish]

I’m plucking my way through the US ground tree aceing everything as I go and I’m sitting at 6.3. From about 5.6 onward is it normal to feel like a child getting into a boxing match with Mike Tyson driving in anything but a Jumbo? Even in a Jumbo it feels like I’m fighting with nerf boxing gloves while Mike is bear knuckle.

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this is normal for US tree


Don’t bother with the heavies, they are boring as hell and bad on top of that. You should get M18 and the M36s, M109 is also insanely good once you get used to HE shells.

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The M56 and T92 with HEAT are good. M41 isn’t bad either, although the APDS and Gaijin’s inability to fix it properly is a crapshoot whether it works or doesn’t.

Unfortunately, as mentioned the rest of that 6.3 to 7.7 middle of the lineup has been nerfed or pushed up in BR for “balance”.

The T95 is a heavy that’s useful and effective in the right map or BR combo. A pain to grind out stock though as it’s slow.

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The main issue here is that most US tanks around this BR (shermans) have armor that is easily penetrated by most enemy guns. Therefore, you have to play them differently than the 75mm shermans. Brawling is no longer feasible and you must go on flanks and shoot weak spots without being shot first. The stabilizer helps here. However, the US has good planes that can be used to help destroy hard targets on the ground and to maintain air superiority. Once you get to 6.7 then you have more heavies that can compete with the german tigers and soviet is2 tanks. For pershing based tanks/t series tanks, make sure to angle to the left to hide the hull machine gun and lower glacis weakspots.


A good way to understand the experience is to play multiple nations and so to see what it is like “from the other side”.

You might develop more understanding as to weaknesses and strengths of the vehicles you usually play, and then the shortcomings if those you used to face and have issue with.

Playstyles vary but are also interchangeable to some degree, as playing to a vehicles main strengths is not always possible (stabs play a role for some on how engagements are handled).

The only issue is time and sanity as to fully cover this there are a lot of nations to try out. But there is no race to higher tiers, it IS the same game (but at highest tiers the game does not quite fit the technology changes of air and ground).

Mixing up also allows you to get out of a bubble of thinking “things are happening”, which seems to occur more often when you are stuck in one BR in one nation and spamming matches with just that.

In my experience anyway. Though I played before they limited maps by narrowing already small battlefields so face smacking has presumably won.

Edit: also, unless you are a gigachad, you are at the mercy of your teams general competence and that of the enemy’s. The maps did not get narrower and matches dumber out of nowhere.

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The M26 used to sit at 6.3 and it was pretty good option at that BR, but after it was pushed up to 6.7 it’s basically pointless.

If you insist on playing 6.3, my advice would be to use M41A1 and M109, both of which pack a lot of firepower for their tier, but with basically no armor. Get used to the glass cannon playstyle, and they’ll serve you well.

When you get to 6.7 it gets a lot better, the T34, T26E5, and T26E1-1 are all solid heavy tanks. Like I said earlier, skip the regular M26.

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So no 6.3 jumbo? :(

Oh, forgot that one.

I never really used it, so I can’t say much.

I know the 75 Jumbo is good, but the 76 is at a much higher BR and my assumption is that the armor doesn’t hold up that well, especially in an uptier.

If you can’t rely on the armor then you’re stuck in a slow tank with a frankly anemic gun :-/

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5.3 suffers
6.3 slightly better
6.7 Fun
7.3 Death
7.7 Getting there again
8.3 Fun

Just push through. It is easier now compared to when we did not have the luxury of the 76 to face off against Tiger 1s. Now with the 76 being in the line-up - check your play angle and remember that you can frontally nuke a non-angled tiger. KV/IS/T34 on USSR you just slap in the cheeks with the 76.

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