Is this nonsense supposed to be fun?

Screenshot (147)


Wasn’t it?

Fighting against enemy that has literally every single advantage?

No it wasn’t.

I was stuck behind a building the entire time, because enemy team had 5 helicopters and 2 jets up the whole time.


Ground Attack Battles


Well that’s what you get for playing a ground target in an airplane game.


Curb stoping the enemy and making tons of SL, sounds dope to me.

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And you shot down 6 of them. Overall K/D ground vs air 3/1 sounds OK to me… ;)

Is top tier fun?

No it isnt.

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Yeah I am playing at 10.0 these days and the Heli / Plane spam is insane. Today I’ve had a new one too, some dude starting the match in a helicopter, getting two kills, dying and instantly respawning in a Su - 25… Can’t wait to get a good AA and a jet. (I am doing Sweden tanks, I haven’t started the planes yet).

What are you complaining about, looks like you did ok

You should try the ZSU-23-4 against heli’s then. It’s nothing but constant “critical hits” with full HE belts but none of them ever brings down the heli’s. They just shrug off the critical hits and fly home to repair.