Is this map restriction fair?



All the maps are restricted in unfairly and each map always has a time bias and position weight. With the map restrictions being imposed on most maps vehicle type, characteristics and design is also being ignored.

Basically, we are being forced into a brawl with vehicles that is not designed for a brawl and long range is being systematically removed from ground battles. Hopefully the maps will be decompressed and larger maps will be a thing again for top tier like we are seeing with air.


They should just get rid of all the red zones. They are ruining the maps.


The restrictions on that map make 0 sense. It’s even worse because they are insta-death zones, so you get a timer without warning.

That map is overall pretty mid anyway.

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When this map was first added the south side had a ridiculously bad spawnkilling problem where people would sit on either side of the spawn with good cover and spawnkill as soon and the match started. The top spawn didn’t have this issue. There’s no reason to go on the other side of the river other than to spawnkill on this version of the map so they could safely cut that off and there’s no reason at all besides spawn camping to go into that bottom left corner except maybe to camp as an aa who’s on the south team. If you played this map when it first came out or on the first dev server you’d know it really needs these red areas.


It’s the way they apply these no go zones which is just stupid. They create an entire map, and then squeeze everyone into focused lanes.

The left side of that map from B1 & 2 you can sit behind the various small hills and side shoot into that bowl that the enemy team has to move from G5. You can counter it if you have someone moves to G4 ridge.

Speaking of red zones, on Stalingrad, the red zone doesn’t appear until you actually push into it and then it suddenly shows up?