Is this cheating?

I was playing a normal match of Ground Arcade Battles (5.3 BR) when I was suddenly killed by a Ratel 90 (6.0 BR) Is this hacking or a very odd occurrence? The vehicles I had equipped were Pz. IV J, Pz. IV H, and Tiger H1.

what do you mean?, 5.3 can fight up to 6.3

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Arcade can see i think a difference of 1.3 and Realistic its only 1.0. So in either instance a 5.3 lineup can see anywhere from 4.3-6.3 with ease

Not for ground. The lineup BR is given by the highest BR vehicle in the lineup, which is different than air arcade where you can meet planes (not lineups)1.3 higher than you.

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No it isn’t cheating. Any match in Ground Arcade you can meet enemies up to +1BR of your BEST vehicle in the lineup (even if you dont use it).

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Yeah the uptier/downtier system doesn’t make sense. It should be removed.

This is not a odd occurrence nor hacking. As mentioned it is well within the matchmaker parameters.

Might want to read a bit:

You had a 4.0, 4.0 and 5.3 BR lineup.
This means your spread was even wider than the MM spread.
This is a disservice to you and your team.

It makes lots of sense. I often wait 5 minutes or more for a game.
Removing the BR spread would increase that time.
It would also make the game more bland with less diversity of vehicles.


All those saying they don’t mind waiting 10+ minutes for a match, only for the match to fall apart in 5 minutes like most, are not being very honest with themselves.

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then make sense of it because its simple, in every mode apart from ground AB, the things you will fight are + or - 1BR brackeet so in Ground RB at 5.3 you can face vehicles from 4.3 - 6.3, in ground AB its the average BR of your lineup, so it would be possible to face + or - 1.3 of your best vehicle so you could fight things from 4.0 - 6.7, tbh the way ground AB does it has always been half arsed in my eyes but oh well

You often wait 5 minutes or more for a match to start? Is that specific to Ground Arcade? Wow. That’s nuts. I only play Ground RB and I honestly can’t remember the last time I waited more than 30 seconds for a match to start. I would personally be quite happy to see a reduction in the MM BR spread for Ground RB, but going from 30 seconds or less to a minute or two wait time is certainly more palatable than going from 5 minutes to whatever it would be in Ground AB.

(You meant Air AB, not Ground).

“Disservice to your team” Pfft. Like anyone does or should care about that. Play what you have fun playing.

I’d rather have a teammate come back after death in a bad tank than one-death leave and throw the game that way any day.


I know it’s a disservice to my team but I don’t have millions of silver lions and can only afford so much at a time.

That’s why I always save the best tank for last.

That is why I put ‘disservice to you’ first.
Is playing 4.0 vs 6.0+ fun for new players?

And yes, positive team spirit should be promoted and seen as the optimal experience, even if it is rarely achieved.

Id rather have someone stab me in the arm than in the eye…but not really relevant, just like your response.

Building a balanced line up is a significant advantage and very beneficial to a player with ~500 games.

Concentrate on how to earn SL, not how to not lose SL. It will have a better outcome.

As opposed to your response, which both made War Thunder sound like boring work to a newer player, inducing feelings of guilt, and encouraged one-death leaving. Great job, thanks for helping make the game an even more poisonous place, one post at a time.

How is advising a balanced line up and a positive team spirit any of these things?

How does it makes sense that I que for a 7.7 game. But I get thrown into a 6.7 or 8.7 game. I didn’t want to que for that, if I wanted to play that specific BR I would’ve qued for it.

I wouldn’t mind waiting 5 min to actually get a game that I want to play.

What I do mind is getting thrown into a different era compared to the lineup I have.